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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blizzard conditions

Well we are getting socked by a winter storm tonight. Blizzard conditions are expected tomorrow with up to 16 inches of snow. ;-) My husband and I went for a walk this evening. We took our dog, Sophie - it was beautiful. The snow was really coming down and it is starting to get pretty windy - but the temp's are still in the low 30's - so not too cold. I guess the cold temp's are coming tomorrow evening. I was suppose to head to Chicago for a conference tomorrow - but we have decided that the there will be too much snow tomorrow to travel. So I am stuck here in Madison.

Kids will be happy - schools are closed tomorrow. That just about never happens for the city of Madison. Many of the nearby rural communities close school pretty often or have delayed start times due to snow - but the public schools in Madison rarely close. But tomorrow will be a snow day. I can count on my hands the number of days my kids have been off for snow.

My husband, Todd works at UW Madison and that is also closed tomorrow. So I will be the only one heading out tomorrow morning. Chances are that I won't be heading to work to early in the morning - depending on just how much snow we have on the ground. I didn't get home tonight until almost 7:00 - I figured I was at work and had lot's to do - so I stayed and got some stuff done - incase I don't get there very early tomorrow morning. Problem with that is that my car did not get in the garage - so I will have to clean it off tomorrow morning.

I will take some pic's tomorrow morning and post them.

Peace and appreciate all you have.

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