Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Friday, March 9, 2012

Running, rolling and aligning

Random thoughts for Friday

I had some good runs last week when I was on vacation in Florida - both at Cape Coral and Key West.  It is so great to head out the door with water, a running skirt, hat and sleeveless top and leave behind pants, thermal shirt, jacket, warm hat, gloves and still worry about the first mile with cold hands.  While in Cape Coral I had a couple nice, get use to the humidity runs of 2 and 2.5 miles and then in Key West I ran on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning - 5, 4 and 4.  On Friday morning I got up early to run and catch the sunrise.  Although Key West is well known for its Sunset party every night at Mallory Square - if you visit - don't forget to get up early and see the sunrise over the Atlantic.  Just as pretty and way WAY less people.  
We got back to WI Saturday afternoon - and we were welcomed back with fresh snow from the day before.  ;-)
My running back home has been OK.  Sunday - 4 miles in 25 degree temps vs. the 80 degree temps just a few days prior.  Monday 2 miles, Wednesday 4 miles and Tuesday and Thursday 2 mile walks.  So not the greatest week - but certainly not a total slacker week.  (in my book) 
Totally excited for Saturday - some of my Ragnar team - The Panty Raiders is meeting up here in town to enjoy a nice run and get to know each other.  It will be great to meet these wonderful women and spend some time talking tough - I have to talk tough, since I am bringing up the rear in age!!

I know that most people say that they "earned" each and every wrinkle and frown line . . . while I agree that I earned them - I am not quite ready to simply accept them and do nothing about them.  In full disclosure - I have had both a little Botox between my brow and a little Restylane filler in my nasolabila folds and under my eyes.  I have been extremely happy with the results and don't think that anyone is the wiser!  

A couple of women my age have asked me what I have done, because they notice that I don't have the sunken look under my eyes or the normal smile lines.  Some I have told and some I have not.  

I found a great salon in Madison, Radiance Skin Therapy and trust the owner with my face!  This morning I tried a technique called Dermarolling.  It is an interesting process, similar to aerating your lawn.  A tool with very very fine needles is rolled over your face and neck, which punctures the top layer of skin, promoting new collagen growth.  Here are some after pictures - looks like a bad sunburn, but it should be cleared up by tomorrow.   You will notice that my neck is especially red - I have a lot of pigmentation in my neck due to years of sun worshipping!  Trust me it looks much worse in person.  


In addition to wrinkles something that has happened to me as I age is that one tooth, my left lateral incisor, has started to twist and actually move back "out of sight" in my mouth  I  don't have perfect teeth and never had braces as a child but have been OK with my smile - but this recent tooth issue bothers me . . .  so I decided to get Invisalign trays.  Today is my third day . . . so far so good.  At times I have had second thoughts - but am committed to doing the trays and straightening my teeth.  Of course you can't just fix one tooth - both my uppers and lowers will be realigned (it is a package deal / well really not a deal / but the purchase price includes both upper and lower trays).   I will be documenting my Invisalign journey on my running blog.  Probably a once or twice a month post.  Anyway - here are two before pic's  
WOW my nose looks big in this pic . . . 

Enjoy the moment and heck is you are not happy with the way you look do something about it!!!

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  1. Good for you! You are a beautiful woman and deserve to look the way you want. I'm looking forward to hearing about your Invisalign and how long it takes to work. I'm guessing the same as traditional braces? Enjoy!