Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lake Monona 20k - 2nd time!

I am starting this post about the 20k as I eat breakfast this morning.  I just went back and read my race report from last year and really REALLY hope that this is not a repeat.  Last year I didn't feel ready for the 20k and I really don't feel ready for it again this year.  I have been running, just not much distance - it has been a month since I ran 8+miles . . . oh well, it is what it is.
I am staying positive and trying to remember to start slow.  My plan is to keep a close eye on my watch and really try to stay to 10 minute miles.  I would be very happy to finish with an avg pace of 10min miles.  And if the running gods are watching over me and feel favorable, I would really like to push that down, especially during the last 4 miles . . . but we will see.

The weather is a concern.  Temperature is a little warmer that I would LOVE - but still a lovely 58  at race time and it should remain around 60 for the duration of the race.  Trust me I am not complaining about the temperatures . . . but what concerns me is the HUMIDITY!  I have a hard time running in humid conditions and the humidity level is hovering around 80%.  Obviously my body has a hard time cooling down.  Since the evaporation process works to cool you down - with the high humidity there is little evaporation going on!  I also have a hard time getting my breath!  I know what I need to do . . . slow down!

So that is the plan - wear a sleeveless top and shorts - keep as much of my body exposed as possible!  Trust me that does not sound good for a 56 yr old.  If I were younger I would just wear a sports bra . . . but not at this age.  Skip my hat - it doesn't look like rain, and it is overcast - so no reason to keep any extra heat on my head!  Carry my hand held with water and take it slow!  Find a pace and keep to it!  And most importantly ENJOY the run!  And definitively stop and enjoy the beer sample around 15k.

Update after the run!

I am done!  I finished the race in 2:05:37 - AVG pace 10:07
1 - 9:50
2 - 9:36
3 - 10:08 - had to stop and retie my car key on my shoe - it was hitting my ankle and driving me crazy!
4 - 9:50
5 - 10:24
6 - 10:04
7 - 10:29
8 - 10:29   - enjoyed a Dixie cup of beer!
9 - 10:06
10 - 10:04
11 - 10:21 - was following a runner and sort of sitting back and waiting until mile 12
12 - 10:11 - just told myself to keep running
.42  - 4:01

Overall - based on my training - I was very happy.  I walked through all water stops, even though I brought my own water - it provided me with the break that I needed.  Miles 7 & 8 were a little slower than I would have liked - but I was just telling myself to keep it slower so that I had enough to finish!

The weather was perfect.  Overcast and under 60 degrees.  The humidity was not a factor!  Yahoo!

Next on the agenda for today is a 20mile bike ride.  I am meeting up with a friend to do the Madtown Maiden Alleycat bike ride.  Should be fun.  There are 6-7 stops along the route where you have to do certain tasks - get stamped - and then continue on to the next stop.  We don't get the maps until 5 minutes before the start!  It should be fun.  My husband joked . . . wouldn't it be funny if you had to run at one of the stops!  NOT!  ;-)

Enjoy every moment.


  1. be sure to stop for the beer! Good Luck!

  2. Love the pre and post- race post! Congrats on your race- sounds like it went perfectly! Absolutely love the beer stop. Why don't more races have those? Hope you have a great bike ride- what a busy day!