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Friday, November 26, 2010

Berbee Derby Race Results

34 with 8 mph winds from the north -

Those were the conditions at 9:00 yesterday morning when the Berbee Derby started.  Sounds pretty nice - but I assure you - it was chilly.  I went with my clothes selection of capri's, long sleeve tech top with front zipper, light jacket, hat and gloves/mitten combo.  I arrived at the race around 8:00 - found parking and visited the porta pottie and questioned my clothes.  I had other clothes in the car and should have put them on before heading out.  It was breezy and sprinkling every so slightly / almost sleeting.  The good news is that there were absolutely no lines - got in and out quick.  Ran back to the car - warm up . . .

This was the 7th running of this Thanksgiving day race.  It was started my a local Computer tech company - funds raised benefit the Tech Education Foundation - a fund designed to help meet the technology needs of area non-profit organizations.  There were 6,100 people signed up.

Sat in the car until 8:40 and then decided to head towards the start line.  Headed over to the start - listened to the National Anthem - and yes, as Chelsea from Early Runner, HERE pointed out, the young women, who had a beautiful voice, did sing a couple of words wrong, I was singing along - albeit silently.  I assume she new the right words (I hope)  -  and am attributing it to the cold - maybe her teeth were chattering.   ;-)

Anyway - after a few more minutes we started.  My plan - (I really never have a plan) was to go fast (OK that is relative) for miles 1, 2 & 3.  Take it a little easy on 4 & 5 and then run fast again on 6.  My plan almost worked . . . I just didn't run fast on 6.  ;-)   Started out really strong and felt great.  Thankfully we headed east with the wind to our backs - this allowed me to get warmed up and around mile 1 off came one glove. Mile 1 - 8:41 - YIKES!
We were now on a rural road, one that I would bike by during my summer biking trips to the Capital City Trail - I always wondered where that road went - now I know.  Mile 2 marker passed - 8:42 - YIKES!
The first three miles were slightly downhill - which added to my comfort.  Somewhere around mile 2.5 runners were heading back on the other side of the road from the turn around.  I made my was over to the left of the group and watched for Chelsea - I didn't see her until she was just about even with me - so when I gave her a Holler - I know she didn't see me.  Just around the turnaround was mile 3 - 8:46 - YIKES!
After mile 3 we made our way onto the Capital city trail - a trail I had biked on dozens of times this past summer.  It was nice running on the path and know exactly was was ahead and it is a very pleasant woods area.  BUT - remember we are in Wisconsin and it is deer season - I know we were very near hunting grounds - but hey we live dangerously up here.  At this point I needed to slow down a bit.  Who knows - if I had planned to run fast for 4 miles - maybe I wouldn't have slowed down for mile 4?????  Anyway - I fell back to a comfy pace and hit mile 4 with a 9:35 pace and mile 5 with a 9:25 pace.  That is more like me!
Now I tried to run fast - but I was breathing pretty hard - so even though I was trying - it wasn't working.  I headed up the hill on mile 6 and could hear the announcer and music coming from the finish line - so I knew I was close.  Mile 6, which was almost all uphill -  was at a 9:35 pace.  Little extra at 7:53 pace and I was through the finish line with a personal best of 56:43 and a 9:08 pace.

Grabbed water and headed to the car - drove home and got ready for Thanksgiving!

I learned a valuable lesson - I can run fast!  Next time I will try to stay at a 9:00 pace - which would probably be more productive than how I ran this race  . . . and who knows . . . maybe I can run at that pace!  Actually I think I can!!!!

Have a great weekend.


  1. Great job! You got an awesome time on this race! Sounds really cold, though! :0) I would have been frozen!

  2. Great job. I always run way faster on the first 1/2 than the second. That hill at the end really sneaks up on you.

  3. Congrats on your person best! You had a great plan and you rocked it! It's funny how sometimes those mid-thirties temps can feel colder than days in the teens. I think it's because they can be damp.

  4. nice work! it was probably the thought of shotguns and tree stands that did the trick. =) just kiddin'. congrats on your new PR. very impressive!

  5. why do they have to put that big hill at the end?! Congrats on another PR, Linda! great year for you! :-) brrrrr