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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Turkey Trot - 2nd in my age group -

This morning was the 5k Annual Turkey Trot at a park near my house.  It is a cross country style race - I debated about doing the 5Mile course - but settled on the 5k - cross country isn't something that I do very well.  I am always nervous that I will trip or twist my ankle.  The 5k started at 10 and the 5mile started at 11.  There was an option to run both of them - I did see several individuals doing just that.

This morning the temp's were cool - but I knew that it would warm up nicely and be a wonderful day for a race.  Since I only live 2 miles from the start - I didn't get there until 1/2 hours before the start.  I ran into a co-worker walking to the registration area.  I also knew that two other women from the neighborhood were running and Kerri from Running for Life! HERE -  was signed up to run the 5mile race.  

It was around 43 when I pulled up - and it was almost 50 when we finished.  I wore shorts and a light long sleeve tech shirt and my gloves - which I took off almost immediately after the race started.  I talked to my co-worker a little before the race - dumped my jacket and hat on a picnic table and was ready to race.  There is no getting into a groove with this race - you almost immediately head up a pretty steep hill.  But once up the hill - the rest of the course is slightly downhill (what goes up - must come down) and gentler rolling inclines . . . but of course you have to tackle the hill a second time - but you go up the side - which is not quite as steep . . . but then it is your second time around - so it still seems as steep.  ;-)

I saw Kerri along the way - once at the beginning, once as I came around the first loop and again as I crossed the finish line.  I think that one of the tricks to running a course like this is to be at the front of the race as much as possible.  Since much of the course travels through woods on a path - it is very difficult to pass people.  On my first mile I was definitely slower than I had wanted - but was able to pass people when we got to openings.

I finished in 28:22 (by my watch) which was second place for my age group.
My splits were:
Lap 1 - 9:31
Lap 2 - 9:05 - WOW - that is fast for me - usually my fast miles are 9:15's.
Lap 3 - 9:25
leftover - .21

I chatted with Kerri at the end - and then headed to the trailer to check the times.  In my age group there was only the 1st place person listed  and her time was 25 something - so I had no idea that I had won 2nd.  I went back to grab my jacket and hat and then got another glass of water.  I listened to the awards and then they called my name.  Yahoo!  First time I have ever placed in the top three.

I looked for my neighbors - but must have missed them.  I then headed over to the start of the 5 mile race to tell Kerri - I had to share my award with Kerri !!!!  

I stayed and took a couple of pictures at the start of the 5 mile and then around mile 2 of Kerri -
Kerri - Arms in the air!!!

This young women always has a smile on her face.  ;-)    She caught me off guard - because she pulled her yellow shirt off - but I still managed a couple of picks somewhere around mile 2.    I didn't stay to see her finish - hoping that she had a great race.  It was a beautiful day!

Enjoy and have a great weekend.  !!!!


  1. check out that sweet BLING! Nice work!

  2. congrats, Linda! Beautiful day out there today. love the bling! awesome job. And kerri is always so cute and entertaining out there, isn't she?! have a great week!

  3. Congratulations! That is SO exciting!!! Way to go! :0)

  4. wow, congrats on 2nd place! that's awesome!

  5. glad someone else is afraid of falling and not just me!

    way to on 2nd that's always exciting!!!

  6. Way to go on the AG award. I did that race 2 years ago and thought it was pretty tough, but it's a nice change from running on asphalt all the time.

  7. Yay! Congrats to your wonderful 5K finish! Second place in age group too:) I love bringing home the bling! Enjoy the week!

  8. Congratulations! 2nd in AG is fantastic!

  9. Well done! Congrats! And excellent strategizing to get around people. :-)