Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Monday, August 29, 2011

Our best bike ride yet! Almost ;-(

Hubby Todd, oldest son Joe and I again biked to New Glarus on Saturday.
It was a drop dead BEAUTIFUL August day in WI.  A 10 mile breeze out of the
north - 80 degrees and sunny.  Our plan for the day was to bike to New
Glarus, 26 miles.  Stop at the brewery for a couple of beers and some
pizza, then stop at the pet store where my son's girlfriend works, say hi
and then head back to Madison for a round trip of 52 miles.

Started the day drinking my favorite coffee - Bike Fuel, from Just Coffee a
local Roaster.

Remember last time we biked to New Glarus we biked through a downpour just

before arriving at the brewery.  Nothing like that on Saturday.  We cruised
the whole way there in beautiful weather.  We again got off the bike path
and took a couple of really big hills into the brewery - they were just as
steep as last time  ;-)  but not getting drenched made for a much nicer
ride.  The brewery has a pizza company visit the location a couple of
weekends a month and Todd had looked at the events calendar and said that
stone fired pizza would be there on Saturday.  Well he was off by a day,
they were there on Sunday.  Knowing that the local Subway was only a short
bike ride into town, we sent Joe into town to pick up a couple of subs.
After devouring our sub's and enjoying a couple of beers, we headed back
down the hill and into town, stopping at the pet store to say hi to Joe's
girlfriend and then proceeded to the fudge shop to pick up some Jalapeno
Fudge . . . it is really yummy . . .  you take a bite and it is
chocolate . . chocolate . . chocolate . . . and then . . . spicy!   Finally
ready to hit the trail and head back to Madison.  We again got to walk
through the tunnel and continued through the small town of Bellville and
towards Madison.  Both down and back we try to draft off each other as much
as possible.  Going to New Glarus, we were averaging close to 17 miles an
hour - since we are using a mountain bike(Joe), a cross over (Todd) and a
commuter (Linda) bike over the crushed stones / dirt / gravel . . . that
seems like a pretty good pace.  Coming back we were averaging close to 15
miles an hour, with a direct head wind.  Just about 10 miles from Madison,
Todd, who was directly behind me, crossed over and hit my rear tire with
his front time.  I felt a jerk - but kept going, while he did not.  He took
quite a tumble in the brush, landing hard on his right shoulder.  We
stopped and went back to him, leaving him rest for a little while.  Then we
had to decide what to do - he was able to move his arm, but said that it
hurt quite a bit - but he thought he could bike.  We hopped back on the
bikes and stopped a couple of times to check things out.  His shoulder
continued to get tighter and more painful - so once we got to a cross road,
he stopped and waited while Joe and I continued back to the car.  Joe
helped me load my bike up and then I headed back to pick up Todd and take
him to the Emergency Room.  After a wait in the waiting room, a wait in the
examination room, a wait to see the Dr., a wait for the X-rays and another
wait for the Dr to return . . . the diagnosis was a broken collarbone.
They put the arm in a sling and sent us home.  Just so that you don't think he 
was drunk!  He doesn't like beer and only had a couple of sips of my beer!  I 
said that maybe he should have had more to drink because it would have 
relaxed him when he went flying off of his bike!

So while the ride started off GREAT and we were all having a good time -
Todd is done with biking for awhile.  Hoping the healing goes well.  I was
getting use to having someone to bike with - it was nice and I was very
proud of him for making the 50+ miles, especially with about 5 of them with
a broken collarbone.

On RUNNING note - I missed my Sunday morning run.  Just too tired after
spending the evening in the ER.  Since Monday is a rest day, I thought
about running my long run this morning - but then I would have to adjust
the other runs during the week - So I followed the plan this morning and
rested.  I might pick up an extra run over the long Labor Day weekend next
week.  Tuesday morning is scheduled for repeats . . . 5 X 1000 meters with
2 min rest between.  I will start with 2 miles with Sophie - drop her off
and head back out for my 3+ miles of repeats.  While I have done repeats
before, I usually do shorter, 400 meter repeats - I'll see how I do with
these longer repeats.

The Haunted Hustle on October 29th was my next 1/2 marathon and I wanted to
train pretty hard for it especially since I had so many hamstring /
piriformis issues over the summer and wasn't able to get the training miles
called me Friday afternoon and asked me if I wanted to join her and her
daughter at their Florida condo over the last week of October for about 5
day of relaxing at the ocean - of course this falls right over the weekend
of the Haunted Hustle.  I told her I would think about it and would let her
know today.  Dah!  Although I really wanted to run in the Haunted Hustle -
it was a really fun run last year - it isn't like I was going to win the
race - there will be other runs.  I am heading to Florida for a mini
vacation - October 26 - Oct 31.  Looking at replacing the Haunted Hustle
with the ZOOMA Lake Geneva 1/2 marathon, HERE on October 22nd.

Stay tuned
Enjoy the moment!


  1. Really sorry to hear that Todd broke his collarbone, that must really have hurt. He's a tough guy to ride anyways! It really does sound like a great rid :)e, prior to the fall.

    Florida for sure!!

  2. That's really too bad about the collar bone. Mike and I draft pretty close when we ride and I'm assuming that some day we will have a bump. So nice that you have a fall get away to look forward to. You are right- there is always another race. Good luck with your training!

  3. Ouch! Poor Todd. Hope he's feeling better by now. I'm looking forward to doing the Haunted Hustle, but I'd say a mini vacation >> than a half marathon.