Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Recent Happenings!

Happenings since my last post on July 31st

It seems like forever since I posted on my blog.  Summer has been some sporadic
entries but nothing regular - so I thought I would post a summary of what I
have been up to.

House related happenings:
Fireplace replaced
Gas Insert with big boulders!  So 70's

New gas fireplace with stacked stones

Side pockets for glass shelves behind the fireplace
New furniture delivered
Electrician installed accent lights and outlets for track lighting and
ceiling fan (yet to be picked out)
Walls painted - beige and light mossy green
Carpeted stairs replaced with oak hardwood stairs

Carpeted stairs replaced with . . . 
. . .   with hardwood

Carpet installed in family room
Carpet installed in the boys bedrooms
As of this past weekend, most things have been returned to their correct home.

Here are a couple of pictures

Biking happenings:
Biked in the MS 150 bike ride - biked 75 miles on the first day and it was
a wonderful day - average speed was 16.7 and I felt great.  Sunday we woke
to rain and thunder and had a delayed start.  Then ran into roads that had
recently been covered with asphalt aggregate material, we were warned the
wipe our tires down as soon as we got off those roads, but it didn't help
me - Flat tire - I was pulling shards of sharp material (glass and metal)
out of my tires!  Due to delays and flat tire issue I only biked 45 miles
on day 2 for a total of 120 over the two days.  It is such a well supported
ride and the people are all wonderful - even with the road issues I had a
great time.

Stopped for a beer on Saturday.
teammates at end of MS 150 bike ride (love that it looks like I am the tall one!)
Popped tubes from the crushed asphalt road.

Biked to New Glarus with husband and son again!  Got caught in a DOWNPOUR -
totally soaked - but we had brought other shirts in my bag and we were able
to change when we got to the brewery - after a couple of beers and a chocolate cow, all was

Continue to bike to work 2 days a week.

Went out on the boat last Tuesday with a co-worker of my husbands and his
family. Kids tubed and he wanted to water ski, but thought I should go
first.  I brought my thigh wrap, wrapped my leg tight and skied and did not
have any hamstring issues - yeah!

Me on the jet ski
Jet skied.

Yard work:
My son, with some help from me, installed stone border around my back
flower garden.

Working on the edging

completed edging along the side

edging along the back

Due to hamstring issues, my runs over the last 4 weeks have been pretty limited.  I haven't wanted to PUSH it too much - but wanted to give myself the confidence that I could do
the Madison Mini on Saturday.  So I have been doing 2 longish runs per week of
7 - 9 miles for the last 3 weeks.  Other than that, my running has been pretty limited to usually 1 other day of  3 or 4 miles with days off in-between.  Whenever I do run, I feel a twang in my
hamstring, but I get used to it by mile 2.   It also causes me to take a shorter stride.  
Last weekend I ran and was heading back into my neighborhood at 8 miles.  I felt really good and thought about running 2 more miles, but left it at 8.  I was confident that I could do 2 more and didn't think I needed to prove to myself that I could finish 13 miles.
This week I ran 4 miles on Tuesday and have been taking it easy ever since.  I know that I have not adequately "trained" for the 1/2 marathon like I would have liked - but I have done some serious biking and am hoping that the cross training will pull me through.

Goals for the race:  None - Last year I ran it in 2:08 and the year before 2:12.  I don't think those numbers are going to happen this year.  I know I MUST start slow otherwise I won't make it.  I am not very good about starting a race slow - I get very caught up in the excitement and want to prove that I can keep up with those around me - but not this race - I am absolutely committed to starting out slow on Saturday for the first 3 miles and then go from there.  I will start in my coral, but will be paying close attention to my garmin to make sure that I go slow.

Family Happenings:
Let me introduce you to our new kittie - Cleo

Oscar, our older cat tolerates her and Sophie our golden loves to chase her around.  She is a lot of fun, but she wakes up in the middle of the night and wants attention.  She comes up to your face and meows and meows and meows until you pay attention to her.   

Busy summer - Happy days - Fun with family - Fun with friends - New Pets - Biking - Running - LIVING!  

Enjoy the moment!


  1. What a busy and wonderful summer you are having. The renovations look amazing! Good job on all the biking, I'm sure you'll be fine on your race. Good Luck!!!!!

  2. Awwww, cute kitty! I love your new fireplace. It's very sleek and modern.

  3. oooooh little celo! so cute!! i want a kitty soooo bad. my cat, celia, has that same toy and she loves it. it got the 'cat fancy' toy of the year last year.