Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Started typing this post and decided I would "do over" and simply bullet point my week 'cause that is about all my head will allow me to think . . . short bursts vs proper sentences.

  • Skied in Colorado
  • Hurt knee when I took a tumble
  • Road ski patrol toboggan down the hill (mountain)
  • Went to ER
  • Left ER with a knee brace and no more skiing
  • Spent lots of time Googling knee injuries
  • Instead of buying lift tickets . . . bought a new pair of cowboy boots
  • Arrived back in Madison
  • Tried to catch up at work after being gone a week!!!!
  • Met with Orthopedic Dr. - diagnosis - knee is probably going to be OK - no torn ACL
  • Attended my first "We Are All Mechanics" bike maintenance class on Tuesday evening
  • Got up Wednesday and did a run / walk combination
  • Got up Thursday  -  realized that I had been run over by a bus while I slept . . . major head cold was coming my way
  • Came home from work mid day on Thursday
  • Passed on my suite tickets for the Badger / Indiana basketball game . . . watched on TV instead
  • Went to work on Friday - had a really important conference call that I had to facilitate - succeeded
  • Came home and crashed
  • Saturday morning - realized that the same stupid bus that hit me Wednesday evening - backed up and ran over me AGAIN!

I hardly ever get colds . . . . so I guess this cold is payback for missing out on all of the other colds . . . . 'cause this is a doozy!  



  1. Somebody needs to re-route those busses!
    Sorry about the knee but since you were able to run/walk it seems it will be fine, right?
    I could use bike maintenance class. I think I will look for one in my area.

  2. Hi there you've been tagged. To play just go to my blog and see what to do. Btw I love your blog =)