Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bike rim . . .

. . . art!


Wow - were does the time go?

Skipping biking and running, yard work and a trip to New York and tons of other stuff - today was a work in the garden day. But before we did that I started the morning off with a little 2 mile run with Sophie. Next up was a bike ride to Pilates. After class I headed over to Revolution Cycles to pick up an old bike rim to build our garden gate! Didn't even have to pay for it, what a great bike shop. Biking with a bike rim over my handle bar was not the easiest thing, but doable. Once home we headed out to pick up our boat and two jet skies. I am sure this is the latest we have ever picked up our water toys from winter storage, but the weather has not exactly been warm enough to even think about being on the water, let alone in the water . . . current Lake Mendota water temp is in the 50's, brrrrrrrrr.

Here is what we did with the bike rim.

After we built the door, next up was to put the fencing up. By the time we finished that we didn't have time to plant, but that can be done tomorrow. We still have to put some fencing material on the bottom of the door to keep the rabbits out. Again, that can be done tomorrow.
Because of life in general, I have not been cooking much - - but last night I made shrimp tacos with grilled poblano and avocado salsa. HERE. The salsa was so good, I just finished it off tonight wih a couple of chips. Oh my, it was so good.

Enjoy the moments.

As I read back through this post, it is scattered and disorganized, which pretty much describes my life right now! Oh well!


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