Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chilly Run with Jamie through the Arb

Jamie, of Running Diva Mom and I planned another run together yesterday.  We met at 11:00, which worked perfect for me, because Sophie and I had our last doggie training class in the morning.  I quickly left Sophie with my husband and drove to the Arb . . . stopping at my office for a pottie stop.   After I took a wrong turn - I got to the parking lot meet up right on time.

Jamie and I after our run! 

We met up at the UW Arboretum and did the 6.22 loop.  It was a chilly 12 degrees, which, even for us in Wisconsin, is chilly for this time of year.  The average high at this time of year is.  It was a chilly with a slight breeze that of course was in our face on the first part.  I opted for no hat and once we made it past the first mile, I was fine.  The first two miles were run through the Arb.  It is an extremely peaceful setting, we ran into a few other walkers and runners, but only a couple of cars.  After the Arb, the path takes you through the Zoo.  I had to slow us down and we walked for a little.  I just couldn't catch my breath.  Once we restarted, we ran through some slippery spots . . . slow and steady . . .  since we had about 1-2 inches of new snow on top of the ice . . .. slower and not so steady.  We both decided that we love our little zoo.  It has everything you need and best part is it is free.  I used to love taking my kids to the Zoo when they were younger.  We actually would go a lot during the winter.  Almost all of the animals are out, some, like the polar bears are a lot more active and all of the buildings are open . . . and there is a lot less people.  ;-)
After the zoo, there is a deceiving long hill, you think you see the top, but then realize that you have to wind back to the left.  (As a side note, this loop is used for quite a few local 10k runs and just about all other longer runs, wind through the Arb.)  Somewhere along this part of our run, a gentle snow started to fall.  We then followed the path back into the Arb and finished in 1:01:52.
Slower than I would have liked and definitely slower than Jamie would have normally run . . . but it was still a great run.  Isn't any run . . .  really a great run!  

1     9:26
2     9:17
3    10:36 (this is were we had to walk)
4    10:18
5    10:12
6    10:04
.22  9:03

This makes me realize that I need to work on my speed.  It is just too easy to get into that comfortable pace and not push yourself.  With the end of winter in our sights (fingers crossed) I will be able to start some speed work when the roads are clear.

Heading off to the last UW Men's basketball game this afternoon against Northwestern.  Go Bucky Go! 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

ABC's of me!

The ABC's of me
Because I am too tired to think.
(A) Age: 55
(B) Bed Size: Queen which is shared with husband, Sophie our dog and Oscar our cat
(C) Chore You Hate:  cleaning the garage
(D) Dogs:  Sophie - Golden Retriever 
(E) Essential Start Your Day Item: Coffee
(F) Favorite Color: Orange
(G) Gold or Silver: Silver
(H) Height:  5'5
(I) Instruments You Play: Clarinet
(J) Job Title: Senior Director of Accounting
(K) Kids: 2 (boys) young men . . . 22 and 19
(L) Live: Madison, WI
(M) Mom’s Name: Clara
(N) Nicknames: Linda Lou 
(O) Overnight Hospital Stays: 2 child births & mastectomy 
(P) Pet Peeve: Negative people
(Q) Quote from a Movie: Make my Day!
(R) Right or Left Handed: Right
(S) Siblings: 2 sisters 12 and 10 years older and a brother 11 years older
(T) Time You Wake Up: 5:30
(U) Underwear: Yes
(V) Vegetable You Dislike: brussel sprouts
(W) What Makes You Run Late: work
(X) X-Rays You’ve Had Done: Foot, teeth and lot's of chest x-rays when I had pneumonia during chemo treatments
(Y) Yummy Food You Make: soup and carmel corn
(Z) Zoo, Favorite Animal: otters

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Frosty 5 mile run!

As I mentioned in my last post, the WinterFest weekend event in Madison was cancelled due to the protests which were taking place around the Capitol.   Sophie and I had signed up for the 5k Frosty Dog Run and I was really looking forward to doing a run with her.  We got up this morning and decided to run our own Frosty 5 miler.

This was true Wisconsin Frosty run.  

              We started out running around the neighborhood with a very gentle drizzle.

   The drizzle switched over to sleet around mile 2.  I quickly discovered that the best way to run in sleet is with your head down.  Otherwise - Ouch!  The temperature was 28 when we left, so the sleet that continued to come down started to accumulate on the ground and it started to become slippery.  Somewhere around 4 1/2 miles the sleet stopped. 

 As we were heading back to the house it started to snow. . . . and then just as we were near the house it started to thunder.  Thunder Snow!  

We had a great run - 5.1 miles in 50 minutes.   The temp's were comfy and the change in weather kept it interesting.  Thanks to my son, who came out to capture a picture of us heading back down the street.  ;-)  

Then it was off to church.  The rest of the day was spent running a few errands, making a pot roast for dinner, relaxing and watching the UW Men's Basketball team beat Penn St.   ;-)

Enjoy the day!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Another scheduled run - down the drain

In case you haven't been following the news - the Wisconsin State Capitol, located in Madison, is the center of major protests.  Somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 people have descended on the Capitol for the past 3 - 4 days to protest the Governor's repair bill that is up for vote in the State Legislature.  This is the same state Capitol building that was aglow in green and gold just a couple of weeks ago to honor the Superbowl Winning Packers.  Now the building has been the centerpiece of protests, lead my many teachers and state employees.  The local public schools in Madison have been closed due to low teacher turnout for the past 3 days.  Many, if not most of the other public schools have been closed at least 1 day and most of them 2 days due to low teacher turnout.  

The repair bill contains measures to control the budget shortfall, by among other things, making public workers, pay a share of their pension costs and increasing the employee's share of health costs and disallowing the unions from negotiating for these benefits in the future.  There are other aspects of the proposed bill, but in my opinion, those are the items that are causing the protests.   

Due to the protests and all of the activity happening downtown, the event organizer and the City of Madison have decided that this weekends WinterFest will be cancelled.  Although some activities are going to be held on the UW campus, the run that I registered for has been cancelled.  This wasn't just an ordinary run - I had registered for the 5k Frosty Dog Jog with my sweetie, Sophie.

While I am disappointed that the run is cancelled  - this is Democracy at work.  Whether you agree with the unions or the Governor  - protesting is a right in this great country.
But dang - running with Sophie was going to be a blast.  So instead, we went out this afternoon.  We ran 5 1/2 miles and let me tell you - it was tough.  I just wasn't feeling it and it was super windy . . . it seems I am always mentioning the weather.  ;-(    I like to say that the weather is, what the weather is.  I usually don't worry about it much.  But it was really windy and there were some pretty strong gusts.  This should at least count for 1 1/2 times the miles.  ;-)   Besides me not feeling it - Sophie was not her normal wonderful runner - instead she was a crazy dog.  We are still experiencing warm temp's, today it was 40 and all of our snow is melting.  I would imagine that there are a lot of smells and those smells must be over powering for her 'cause she was CRAZY.

But as the saying goes . . . while you will probably regret not running . . . you will never regret going for a run.  I am very glad we persevered.

ENJOY - hoping that things settle down at the Capitol.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Start the week off right!

I love to get the week started off on the right foot!

After running 6.5 miles yesterday with Kerri and Jamie, I woke up to 30 degree temp's this morning and took Sophie out for our 2 mile loop.  It was really windy - but felt so nice to have warmer temp's.
As I was getting dressed for work, I decided to pack up my running gear so that if I had time I could run at lunch.  Even though my work day was really packed - I decided that I would make time.  It was 40 degrees, still windy - but sunny and beautiful.  Lots of people were out enjoying the weather on bikes,  roller blades and of course plenty of other runners.  I did 5 miles and felt tired - but soooo good.  That makes today a 7 mile day - yahoo.

Since I didn't have my camera yesterday when I ran with Kerri and Jamie - I took it with me today.  Here are a couple of photo's from my lunch time run - which was on the same path as yesterday.

Lake Monona in the background

View of downtown across Lake Monona
Dinosaurs stuck in the snow!
Tomorrow morning I will take Sophie out again and then hop on the bike trainer.  I have too many meetings going on tomorrow so no running at lunch, which will give me a little rest.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heat wave

Well not exactly a heat wave - but last Thursday we woke up to negative 13 and today we had highs near 48 degrees.  It was beautiful out.  Snow was melting and birds were singing.  AND I ran 6.5 miles outside with Jamie, from Running Diva Mom and Kerrie, from Tutu Runner.  Jamie is running 1/2 marathon every month - and Kerrie and I ran 6.5 miles with her - Jamie then continued to finish the rest by herself!  Love these young ladies!

I was going to run the local Valentine's Day 5k yesterday - but on Thursday I got invited (2 tickets) to the UW Men's Basketball game against Ohio State.  This was THE game of the season.  Ohio State came into Madison with an undefeated record and NO. 1 ranking in the country.  It was an AWESOME basketball game - the UW was ahead until the last basket of the 1st half.  They then came out flat in the 2nd half and quickly found themselves down by 15 . . .  but then went on a run and came back, winning 71 - 67.   The crowd (including me) at the Kohl Center were sooooooo loud - you couldn't actually hear yourself screaming.  Great game - great day - great weekend!

Next weekend is the local Frosty 5 k run that allows dog's . . . so Sophie and I will be running together.

Have a great week - get out there and enjoy the mild temp's.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Running brought inside

Oh the weather outside is frightful!  
But the fire is so delightful!
And since we've no place to go,
Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Or another version might be:  

Oh the weather outside is freezing!
And we all just might be sneezing!
But since we can't run the hill,
Run the Mill! Run the Mill! Run the Mill!

Stupid - I know!  Blame it on the cold weather!

We are experiencing another blast of cold blustery conditions.  Negative temp's plus 10 - 15 mile an hour winds feels like negative 30.  That is just a little to chilly to run outside . . .  OK that is way too cold to run outside!
So today, during my lunch, I ran on the treadmill at work.  I did a brisk (for me) 28.30 minutes on the treadmill for 3.1 miles.  Tomorrow - repeat.
But come this weekend - we are having a Heat Wave in the sun . . .  well actually the clouds are suppose to be around - but the temps might climb into the low 40's.  Around here that is a heat wave.

So for now it is the treadmill and the bike trainer . . .  but this weekend - I just might be running without a hat and without gloves and without a jacket and in capri's . . .  just maybe!

Enjoy the day!
Enjoy every moment!

And just so you know  -  we are still celebrating the Packer Superbowl Victory!  Go Pack Go!

Saturday, February 5, 2011




WI State Capitol Dome a glow in Green and Gold!
To honor the team the State Capitol was illuminated in a green and gold glow for the week.  

Here in Wisconsin We LOVE our Packers!    

Thursday, February 3, 2011

GO PACK GO! The 6 Packers New Official Video!

Here in Wisconsin we LOVE the Packers!  The count down to the Super Bowl has started!  Go Pack Go!

Running in -4 temp's

I took a 2 mile run through the neighborhood this morning with Sophie.  We have received 18 inches of snow since Monday and the air temp was negative 4 this morning . . . .but to be honest it wasn't too bad. 

Just goes to show me that negative temp's aren't that bad if I am prepared.  

Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blowing and Snowing = Blizzard Conditions

As many of you know the mid-section of the country was hit yesterday with ton's of snow. We got 6 inches of snow on Monday and 13 inches yesterday. With 35 plus mile an hour winds - it was blowing and drifting like crazy which amount to Blizzard conditions.  Just about everything in southern WI was closed today, including the UW and all community schools.  Many businesses were also closed and the reporters were warning everyone to stay home and off the roads.

Here are a couple of pictures.

Our driveway

Snow drift on our stairs

Sophie playing in the snow
Since my office was not closed, I needed to get to work.  Of the 16 people that report to me, there are actually only 5 that live in the city of Madison.  Everyone else lives in surrounding communities, with one person living 30 miles away and another person living 50 miles away . . . crazy.  Since I live in the city, I figure there is really no excuse for not showing up for work.  As it turned out, this mornings commute took only 20 minutes - which is very close to normal.  Once I got out of my neighborhood, all the roads that I drove on were plowed and since many businesses were closed, it seemed like NO ONE was on the road.  There were 3 other people from my staff in the office, so it was a good day to get some work done.  No phone calls, only a couple of interruptions . . .

I ran outside on Monday morning and that might just be the one and only outside run this week.  We are going to have sub-zero temps tonight but I hope to at least take Sophie out for a quick walk tomorrow morning.  Planning on riding the bike trainer.

Take care and stay warm out there.