Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Patience . . .

. . . while the house is under construction is difficult.

We are currently into week 3 of home remodeling. The crew started while I was on vacation and probably have 2 to 3 more weeks of work left. If you have never lived in your house while remodeling, trust me, it is worse than you can imagine. Over the years we have pretty much replaced everything in the house, which seems like an amazing fact, but is true. Somehow we dealt with it. The kitchen remodel was probably the worst - but this is probably a close second. We are replacing all of our interior doors, replacing the wood trim around the doors, replacing the window trim and installing true window sills and replacing the base trim. In addition, all the trim is getting painted and while we have the painter here, we are having the three bedrooms and master bath painted. Afterall, the new white trim needs freshly painted walls for it to pop!

Here are a couple of before and after shots!
New doors and trim w/ drab beige walls
New doors and trim - drab beige walls! (Photo bomb by Cleo)

New doors, new trim and new paint!
New doors, new trim
New doors, new trim and new paint


New base

On to running . . . which is hard to do in extremely cold conditions. Not only did we have the Polar vortex settle in over the state earlier in January, we were lucky enough to get a second blast of frigid air earlier this week. Highs for the day did not top zero and lows in the negative mid 20's before any windchill! I did get out for short walks with Sophie in the morning, but outside of a real 2 mile run on Saturday my exercise has been limited to moving furniture, cleaning floors and dusting surfaces! Forecasts are calling for 'normal' temps this weekend and early next week. I NEED to get outside for a run.

Recipe Update: since returning from vacation I have only had time to make one recipe. Between the house remodeling and working until 7 there has not been time to cook. Keeping with my goal of cooking all of Jenna's main course recipes from her blog, eat, live, run - I selected her Crook Pot Root Beer Pulled Chicken, Here. This was so good! I made it on Sunday and Todd finished it last night! I enjoyed mine on top of a sweet potato and it was yummy!

Enjoy the day

Enjoy the moments


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Steamboat . . .

. . . a bluebird type of day!

Dry conditions set in on Wednesday, with blue skies and milder temp's. The previous days snow and clouds left snow laden trees on the upper mountain and beautiful vista's. If you look closely the trees on the upper mointain, that were in the clouds the day before are white with sticky snow.

The pictures are stunning!


After we were done skiing on Wednesday, we traveled down to Dillion, CO for more skiing. We got to the condo around 5, unpacked and headed over to Frisco for dinner.
Today we decided to take a day of rest. Our legs were tired and the added elevation is certainly noticeable. One of the many reasons I LOVE Steamboat is that the city and resort base is around 7,000 feet wih the mountain peak at 10,500 feet. We seem to adapt to that elevation quickly. But here in Dillion, CO the elevation is 9,000. That extra 2,000 feet is very noticeable when moving around and since both Vail (Friday) and Beaver Creek (Saturday) ski resorts are at higher elevation we thought we needed a break.
Enjoy the moments!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Steamboat . . .

. . . still snowing! Charlie and I took Monday off to rest my legs and his back. He fell on Sunday and hurt his back - nothing worse than a sore back while snow boarding or skiing.

This morning we woke up to snow and wind. We were at the Gondola at 8:25, which is 5 minutes before they open so we waited about 5 minutes and then headed up the mountain and started our day on Heavenly Daze again. We did that run 3 times and then separated. I stayed on the bottom mountain area for some runs and then decided to head up to the top, hoping it wasn't as cloudy as it looked. The top of the mountain was in the clouds but as the lift got closer and closer to the top I realized that there was basically little to no visibility. I should have known it would be bad. I took it pretty easy skiing down because you couldn't see very well. At the bottom of the run, I decided to head to one of the mountain restaurants to warm up. By this time it was about 12:15 and the rest of the family met me at The Rendezvous.

Here is a shot of my son Joe in the distance.

We contined skiing and finished up around 2:30.
On the home front, we are having our base molding, window trim and interior doors replaced. We have been waiting for the crew to start for about 6 months. They had other jobs and we were not in a hurry. I was just thrilled to know it was off of my to do list. Anyway, they started this week. Here is a before shot of the hall bathroom door before and after.
As you can see we are replacing dark wood trim and hollow core doors with solid core white 4 panel doors and white base molding. I am enjoying our ski vacation but can't wait to see the results. Of course there are many other doors to finish and windows and base . . . the builders will be at the house for about a month. There will be plenty of time for me to enjoy it,
Enjoy the moments!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Steamboat day 2 . . .

. . . was as good as the first day!

We woke up to about 6 inches of fresh snow.


Skiers LOVE fresh powder. We were up and on the mountain by 8:30 and headed up the Gondola and then down Heavenly Daze. This run is on the face of the mountain, along the Gondola line and overlooks the base area and city. We have discovered that it is great first thing in the morning - but extremely tough for me later in the day. It is a long run and the mountain face is (in my opinion) extremely convex, so it appears steeper that it really is. Anyway, down we went. With it still snowing, there was probably 7–8 inches on the mountain and boy oh boy is it tough to carve through the snow. It took all of my leg strength. I really tried to think positive thoughts - easy corners, move ski's together, don't cut on your edges . . . eventually I was down. Down in the snow, not down the mountain!!! Nothing hurt, just took a tumble. We continued down the run and headed over to another area accessed by another lift.


What goes up, must come down, so down we went. After a couple more runs, I decided I needed a break and decided to do a few green (easy) runs. My legs and confidence needed a break. I felt much better on the greens given the deep snow conditions. I like the blue runs (Intermediate level), but today, I stuck with the green (easy level) since they had been cleared of much of the fresh snow, leaving 2-3 inches, which is much more manageable!

Hooked back up with everyone at lunch. Here I am with Charlie before heading down. Then back out for a few more runs!

Dinner was at a local Mexican resturant - then back to the condo to relax and watch RonBurgundy. No matter how many times - it is always funny.

Enjoy the moments!


Steamboat day 1 . . .

. . was wonderful . . . like always.

Steamboat is probably my favorite place.

Saturday morning we flew out of Madison directly into Denver and then rented a car and drove to Steamboat. Traffic was slow for about 15 miles before the Eisenhower tunnel and the roads were snow covered over Rabbit Ears pass. But since we drive in snow all the time - the trip went fine. Once you get off the Interstate and head north to Steamboat - the route is through "high country", defined as 'An area of land formed or lying above the piedmont and below the timberline'. Here is a shot overlooking a lake area. It is very beautiful country. Ranchs, cattle, grazing land, streams,mountain peaks and the bluest sky you can imagine!

Once at the condo we unpacked and headed to the grocery store. This is our view from the condo. You can just see the mountain top sticking up over the roof line. Speaking of roof lines, check out that snow!!!!

We then decided to try night skiing, so we grabbed subs at Subway so that we had a quick meal. This is the first year Steamboat offers night skiing. They have lite 4 runs that is serviced by the Christy lift. Here is Joe and Chelsea at the base area.


We must have taken 10-12 trips down the trails. Mid-way through, they headed to the black (expert) runs, while I stayed on the blue (intermediate) run. Finished the night at the base with a water and a Fat Tire.

This morning, (Sunday) we already have 2 inches of fresh powder and are expecting 8 inches through out the day. Eating breakfast and getting ready is next, then heading to the mountain.

Enjoy the moments.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

It is cold . . .

. . . as it should be at this time of year in Wisconsin!!!!

All anyone can talk about is the cold! Newscasters are warning people going to the Packer game to wear 3 layers. I am not quite sure why 3 layers is the magic number? For the last couple days, today's Packer game has been compared to the famous ice Bowl, described by Wikipedia: "The Ice Bowl", the game-time temperature at Lambeau Field was about −15 °F (−26 °C), with an average wind chill around −48 °F (−44 °C). Today's temp's at game time is 5 °F with a wind chill of −12 °F . . . If you haven't been in cold temperatures, let me assure you that -12 is NOWHERE as cold as -48 . . . Not even in the same ball park!

Forecasts are still calling for extremely frigid temp's with the wind chill for tonight and tomorrow! We will see. I understand that 40 below zero is frigid and extremely dangerous but let's not act like we haven't experienced these type of temp's before.

It is Sunday, so our morning started at church service. There were about half as many people as a normal service. Once home I had decorations to take down and put away. A little cleaning and then chili making. This is perfect weather for chili! I posted a question on Facebook to see how much chili as getting made today? Lots of positive comments . . . .

Keeping with my goal of cooking all of Jenna's main course recipes, I selected her Homestyle Turkey Chili, HERE. How can a chili recipe that uses 1+ cup of red wine not be good? I have been cooking with a lot of ground turkey and knew I had some ground chuck in the freeze, so I make it with the beef. Plus, the recipe calls for chopping a gigantic onion. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE onions but maybe my onion was SUPER sized gigantic, because I decided to pull forego some of the onions.

No running for me today. With yesterday's 5+ miles and shoeshowing, my legs are tired. Took Sophie for a quick walk around the block.

How was the chili? You ask? That will have to wait until tomorrow - tonight was leftover meatloaf from last night with roasted cauliflower and asperagus and a sweet potatoe!

The Packer game has been somewhat painful to watch . . . OK, make that very painful. The only bright note to them losing is that I don't need to pack any Packer clothes for our ski trip next week end.

I need to figure out my running and biking plans for 2014 and get them posted (it helps with being accountable) and I had wanted to post a 2013 summary - but it might be getting a little late for that - heck it is already the second week of 2014.

Enjoy the moments!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Preparing for bitter. . .

. . . bitter cold, but not quite yet!

Temp's have been pretty frigid lately. Mid-day temp's have been single digits with a few days in the teens. The news over the last few days have been full of foreboding about the temperatures to come. Much colder, very windy, frigid, frigid temperatures. Madison Schools and all other schools in the area have cancelled classes for Monday. Obviously just about the entire country is getting cold temps's but come Sunday evening and Monday the thermometer will read negative numbers. Combined with high winds the "feels like" temp will be 40-50 below zero and near 75 below in certain areas. That is beyond cold . . . but today, was unbelievably mild. Temp's were in the low 30's. Sophie and I headed out early for a run. We ended up running 5 1/2 + miles. I took my gloves off and unzipped my jacket and top. It was windy, but not that windy!

This afternoon we went snowshoeing at Token Creek. The location is on State hunting and fishing land, so there are no restrictions about taking our dog and Sophie loves the snow! We just don't go during hunting season!

It was so beautiful - protected from the wind - mild temp's - sticky snow - snow balls on Sophie.

On our way home, we made a quick stop at the grocery store. I needed carrots for our dinner. Another recipe from Jenna's blog: eat, live, run - Kicked Up Turkey Meatloaf, HERE. The grocery store was super busy. There were no carts or hand held baskets available when I came through the doors! it looked like everyone in the neighborhood was stocking up for the cold . . . and all I needed was carrots! But I can never walk out with just one thing, so I also picked up a 6 pack of New Glarus Cabin Fever, afterall, with a name like that, how could I pass it up.
Back home we prepared the meatloaf and then settled in to watch the last episode of 'orange is the new black'. If you haven't watched it, I love it! I could not believe how the season ended!!!!! Oh my!!!!!!
Back to the food: Todd took the first bite - oh, it is really good! I followed and said the same thing. There is a cup of cooked lentils in it, something I have never made. I realize they are just legumes - but I have never used lentils in anything I have ever made. On top, there was a wonderful glaze made with balsamic vinegar, maple syrup and ketsup that added a little sweetness to the meatloaf.

Enjoy the moments, even if they are freezing!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Another New Year . . .

. . . To measure against . . . To enjoy . . . To live

We spent a quiet evening at home last evening. I made Turkey and Feta Stuffed Pepper - from Jenna's blog, HERE. They were really good. The recipe had enough filling for 5 peppers, so we enjoyed them again tonight. No pictures - we just wanted to eat them! Updated with a picture from Thursday evening when I ate the last pepper.  

They were very tasty and the feta really added some tang. I haven't made stuffed peppers for quite a few years and will be making these again.

Today we watched the Badgers play South Carolina in the Capital One Bowl. All the hoping and wishing that the Badgers would win didn't help! Another final game let down! Eventually they need to figure out how to win the final game!

At half time we made Buffalo Chicken Wonton's, yup, another recipe from Jenna's blog. Check them out here - they are great for a game! HERE. We have made these plenty of times before and they never disappoint. They are so good!

The cold weather has really settled in and is not giving us a break! Brrrrrr I think today's mid day temp was 10, but probably below zero with the wind chill. I was determined to get a New Year's Day run in, so Sophie and I headed out this morning for a little run. It was not even 2 miles - but a run is a run. This afternoon after the game we headed out to Token Creek for some snowshoeing. The trees helped to block the wind - Sophie had a great time romping in the snow, but had to stop to clean her pads and toes off constantly, they were full of ice balls. (I should have taken a picture of her feet) Sophie blends in so well with the grass and brush! She has a natural camouflage coat!

Enjoy the moments!