Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Thursday, December 30, 2010

How did my 2010 Resolutions turn out?

Well here were my resolutions for 2010 and a little recap about how I did.  

Main goal for 2010 was to start this blog - I am very happy to say I stuck with it!  YAHOO!  

Lose weight - 10 pounds - as a result of Breast cancer surgery and radiation I have lymphedema and losing 10 pounds would help my arm, I think. It would also make my running easier. I currently weigh 136 - I am 5'5" and am 54 years old.  
I did pretty good - I am consistently 129, so not quite 10 pounds, but a solid 7 pounds.  I will be working my current weight down to 125 during 2011.  

Run 1,000 miles - sounds good - but I would really have to commit to increasing my running
I hit this goal earlier this week.  This was actually harder than I thought it would be.  I remember reading about many people passing this goal much earlier in the year and felt a little defeated - but I persevered.  Having the stress fracture in April meant NO running for 6 weeks.  Next year my goal will be higher.  

Relax and smell the roses more. I tend to work 10 hours a day - I know that my husband would like me to cut back - but that is really hard, because I have a lot of responsibilities and this is a really busy time.
Depends on who you talk to.  My husband still thinks I work too much - but I am trying to cut back - I know I could be better at it and will continue to work on this in 2011.

Work on individual qualities: Patience and compassion to name a couple.
These are pretty wishy washy goals and very hard to measure . . . honestly it depends on the day.  

Increase my speed: I tend to run between a 9 and 10 minute mile - not very fast, I should probably work on increasing my speed.
I have hit some PR's this year and think I have increased my speed - again I will continue to work on this during 2011. 

So 2010 was a WONDERFUL year.  
Ran more than I have ever run before
Ran in more races than ever
Placed 2nd in my age group in the local Turkey Trot
Biked in the MS 150 - back to back 75 miles each day
Road my bike for 874 miles outside and have added another 52 miles on the trainer
Met a group of wonderful women from the Madison area that run and blog
Developed relationships with bloggie friends from far and wide

Here is hoping tha 2011 will be just as wonderful!

Monday, December 27, 2010

The count down begins

Tomorrow morning I will run the last 3 miles to hit 1000 miles in 2010.  Little does my running partner Sophie know - but I held back these three miles so that we could run together!  How sweet is that?

Sophie on a recent snowshoeing adventure!

Back tomorrow evening Wednesday with an update!   Just remembered I will be at the UW Men's basketball Big10 season opener tomorrow evening against Minnesota!  Go Bucky!

P.S.  I also cleaned out 1 drawer and my storage containers that I store my socks, bras and undies in tonight!  Threw out a lot of old bras, socks with holes and old uncomfortable undies!  yahoo!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Minimalist Adventure -

Running and Biking:  First things first - I ran 6 miles this morning - it was a great run.  2 miles with Sophie and 4 by myself.   The temperature was in the mid 20's.  With this 6 mile run I have run 993 miles this year.  Only 7 more before I hit 1000.  As far as my biking - I biked 874 miles outside this summer and with the bike trainer I am now at 926 miles.  I would like to hit 1000 miles on my bike - but I don't know if that will happen. If it happens great - if not - I have still biked more miles this year than I have ever biked before.  Plus I didn't always track my miles on the bike - so in actuality I might already be past 1000.  I put my new road bike on the trainer yesterday and road for 1 hour.  It felt great, but it will take my wrists and neck a while to get use to the new bike.

Minimalist Adventure:  For the last month or so, I have been following a couple of blogs that describe a Minimalist lifestyle.  One of the blogs is Be More with Less - HERE and the other is zen habits - HERE.  I happened upon these blogs from someone who had participated in Project 333- HERE .  The idea behind Project 333 is to select 33 items including clothing, accessories, jewelry, outerwear and shoe and commit to wearing only from those 33 items for 3 months.  The 333 project really peaked my interest - but I don't think I am ready to commit - but I would like to investigate this type of a lifestyle on my own terms.  One of my reoccurring resolutions for the past 5 years has been to simplify my life.  Easy to say -- "I want to simplify my life"  but very difficult to do without some direction.  I think this is the guidance and support that I need to be successful.

I had wanted to work on my closet - but didn't have the time - I ran this morning and then hubby and I went to Costco, so by the time we got home the PACKER game was starting - so instead I started with my jewelry, specifically my earrings.  Now that might not seem like a huge deal - but I can't tell you the amount of time I spend some mornings looking for a specific pair of earrings.  It drives me crazy and it is a really bad way to start the morning.  This is one of the basic idea's behind Project 333.   Once you pay less attention to what you are wearing -  more attention can be spent on something more important. I am not going to give up everything - but I would like to declutter.

This afternoon while watching the Packers wallop the Giants I sorted through my earrings.
 In this blue box alone there were over 50 pairs of earrings - no wonder I had a hard time finding a specific pair. 
 This is a box with my few rings and an assortment of jewelry I hardly ever wear.  Most of this ended up being stored in baggies in preparation of my church rummage sale in spring. 
 Here are all of the earnings sorted from my blue storage box. 
 Here are 17 pairs of earnings that are now easy to find.  These are the earrings I am going to wear.  
I held onto my few rings for sentimental reasons.  Toe rings, summer ankle bracelets, earrings that I don't wear with my winter clothes - and pearls - one strand real one strand fake.  (I should probably get rid of the fake strand - since I really never wear them)  
So all told - I will wear the earrings in the blue box - 17 (which would be over 1/2 of my allotted pieces of clothes and accessories if I were participating in Project 333 . . .  
I still have a LONG ways to go).  
The wooden box has assorted jewelry that I will store until spring / summer, including 20 pairs of earrings and the other small box contains Christmas Jewelry.  
I bagged up 22 pairs of earrings, 9 bracelets, 6 necklaces and 4 pins.  

Going into this - I was convinced that this would be easy and I would be able to eliminate stuff easily. Well it wasn't as easy as I thought and I didn't get rid of as much as I would have liked - but it is a start and I feel good about it.  Next up my closet . . . here is a sneak peek.  The first picture is only one rack of clothes - in total there are 185 hangers containing my clothes.  The picture on the right is some sweaters and sweat shirts and these are ones that I don't wear.  I have a lot of work ahead of me.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas!

Hugs to all my bloggie friends!  

Merry Christmas  -  enjoy every moment!  
Breath in the JOY and HOPE!

I feel lucky beyond anything I could have dreamt!  

Peace and Joy to all! 

Linda - Mom Running from Cancer

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Update on My list of 55 things!

As a celebration of turning 55 I am working on 55 things to do in my 55th year all involving the number 5.  I have my list (still not complete) posted on the sidebar of my blog - I figure I really can continue to add to my list as I go through the year.

So far I have been actively working on a few of my items:

55 things to accomplish during my 55th year!

1. Lose 5.5 pounds in 5 1/2 months - Goal weight of 124!  
8. Take 5.5 days of personal vacation days - just for me
11. Take 5 minutes a day to throw away 5 things
12. Ride my bike (trainer) for 55 minutes 5 days a week
for 5 weeks
13. Compliment my staff 5 times in 5 weeks - they deserve
it and I don't do enough of it
15. Drink 5 glasses of water a day - 5 days a week
17. Climb 5 flights of stairs 5 days a week
18. Increase my blog followers to over 55
19. Eliminate 55 items from my closet

In this most wonderful Holiday season PEACE AND JOY to All!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice

I am on the bike trainer this morning.  Using Droid to check on blogs and am attempting to type while warming up.  So far so good. 

Hope someone out there got to see the Lunar Eclipse last night.  Cloudy here in Wsconsin.  Later this afternoon we move into Winter.  You could have fooled me.  With the below zero temp's we had last week I could have sworn that we were in the middle of January   We got about 3 inches of fresh snow last  night - but now we are getting freezing rain - so my normal 15 minute commute to work will probably be doubled - I know that isn't bad - but something I have to take into account.  Windshields will be frozen. 

Junk food day at work today - I took my mint s'more brownies to work yesterday so will be bringing fruit today.  I figure you need something half way healthy when enjoying chips, dip, cookies, sausage, cheese etc.  I peeled and cleaned 3 pomagranates, cut a fresh pineapple, washed grapes and will be also taking some clemintines.  All of it sounds great right now. 

Signing off for today - need to get back to biking - I am warmed up and ready to ride. 

Have a great first day of winter.  As the shortest day of the year, we have 9 hours of sun light today.  The good news is the days will be getting longer instead of shorter. 

Peace and Joy

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Early Christmas Present

I am soooo excited!  
We were out picking up a few things today and my husband Todd mentioned that he was thinking about getting me a road bike for Christmas.  Well I certainly thought that was a great idea!  We went to three shops and we purchased this beauty.  She is silver and white and BEAUTIFUL.  I just know I am going to ride like the WIND. This bike is going to be FAST.  I get to pick it up next week, although I am not in a real hurry - current conditions are not exactly road bike friendly in Wisconsin.  I also got two water bottle holders, pedals, new tube and a computer.   I have a bag that I think will work and can pick up a new bag if mine doesn't fit.  

2011 Trek Lexa SLX Womens Road Bike
2011 trek lexa womens road bikes 1   2011 Trek Lexa Womens Road Bikes

Here I am at the Boy's and Girl's Club 50 mile ride this summer.  This is my comfort bike that I road 875 miles on from May - October this year.  I love it, it is extremely comfy and is currently hooked up to the Kinetic bike trainer that I got for my birthday.  I will still use this when biking to work, especially since I carry a saddle bag on the rack for my work clothes.  

So far it is great to be 55!  A bike trainer for my birthday and now a new bike for Christmas!  

Hard not to notice how straight I sit on this bike, which adds to a lot of wind resistance.  And the tires are mid size, not sleek and fast like my new tires.  This is EXTRA motivation to hit the bike trainer and get ready for spring, summer and fall biking in 2011.  

This morning I did 1 hour on the bike trainer.  I had planned to run this afternoon, but since we were bike shopping, by the time we got back from shopping the  2010 Ironman World Championships was on and I sat down and watched it.  I just find that so motivational - listening to those stories and wondering just how they do that.  

Tonight I made Triple Layer Mint S'more brownies from Eat, Live, Run - HERE.  Just took them out of the oven and they smell wonderful.  I can't wait to try one.   They took quite a while to cut - I had to clean the knife off after each cut - but they look nice and taste ohhhhh so good!  I am planning on taking them to work on Monday - so we can only have a few of them tomorrow.  I also made a batch of sugar cut out cookies that are in the frig overnight.  Tomorrow I will bake them and decorate them.  I love Christmas time. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Love my Yaktrax

I took today off of work.  Didn't really have any plans - I just needed a day off - by myself.  I slept until 7:30 - which felt great.  I then sat around in my pj's - drank coffee - read the newspaper - checked blogs - paid bills - ate oatmeal with lots and lots of blueberries - cleaned the wood floors - vacuumed the carpet and wasted time doing nothing.  ;-)  It was a good morning.

Knowing that the negative temperatures  (it was -9 when I woke up)  were suppose to disappear by lunch - I decided I was going to run somewhere around 1 PM.  The sun was shinning and there was only a slight breeze.  I tried out my Yaktrax for the first time.  Last year I won the Yaktrax from Jen at Setting You Free, HERE.  When I got them last

winter - although we still had snow on the ground, our roads were clear - so I never had an opportunity to use them.  Well - we received around 6 inches of snow on Sunday and then the temperatures plummeted - with nightly temps well into the negative temperatures and day time temp's only in the single digits.  Frigid conditions.  When it is that cold - all the snow and ice that is on the roads - will not melt.  Even with salt applied - salt needs temp's in the 20's to work - colder than 20 and the ice simply sits on top of the snow and ice.  These are two pictures from Sunday.

This is from today - as you can see - my street is still very snow covered.  But the Yaktrax worked GREAT.  I would recommend these to anyone who runs in winter snow and ice conditions.  Although I realized I had them on - they didn't bother me.  I felt very confident on the snow and ice.  I didn't slip at all.  

Look at that BLUE sky - I took this run slow - I wanted to ENJOY and soak up the sun.  Although the sun has been out the last couple of days - the daytime temp's were really cold and I didn't go out at lunch.  

 Snow and slush and ice on the roads
Almost done - I sat my camera on a mail box - LOOK at that BLUE sky - LOVE it!

I had taken Sophie out for 1.5 miles and then dropped her back at the house - switched gloves, I didn't need the warm gloves - after 1.5 miles I was warm enough to get by with my light gloves.  Ran most of the time with out them.  Finished 5 miles at a 10:32 pace.  Loved being in the Sun.  It felt soooooo good.

The temperature was 14 when I went out for the run.  I wore my North Face Windbreaker pants, Lucy tech top and Lucy jacket, hat and gloves and was quite comfy.  The only thing cold was my tummy - wonder if anyone makes tummy warmers?  

How do you ENJOY a day off of work?  

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jingle Bell 10k results

It was a great morning to run.  We were suppose to be getting rain, sleet and snow by Saturday morning . . . but it appears like the weather got delayed in Minnesota - yea for us - sorry Minnesota!  The temp was in the mid 30's.  I had to pick up my race packet on Saturday morning - the only packet pick up was on Thursday and since I was out of the office I couldn't pick up my bells and t-shirt.  The 10k started at 10:30 at the zoo - I arrived around 9:45 - headed over to the shelter, picked up my packet, headed back to the car, pinned my bib on my jacket and put my antlers on and headed back to the shelter.  Stood in the porta pottie line with 5 minutes to go, do I stay or do I get in line - I decided to stay and yea - I made it with at least 1 minute to spare!

No garmin today - it was drained this morning, when I realized it was dead - I started to charge it, but there wasn't enough time.  Oh well!

The race started with a jingle, jingle, as all the 10kers started.  Up and out of the zoo, weaving in and around the Edgewood neighborhood, along city streets . . . which were slushy and slippery until we headed into the UW Arboretum.  So, even though I thought I was running pretty fast, I am sure that the slush slowed me down - plus we were on the sidewalk for a while and there was no way to pass the people around you.  By this time, I had shed my hat and gloves and was working on taking my jacket off.  I had on the same thing as I wore for the Berbee Derby (below), except pants instead of capri's.

Looking back I should have worn the capri's - I would have been more comfy.  Oh well!   I know look up as you cross the finish line - not at your watch.  It would have been a good picture - ;-(

Anyway - as we headed into the Arb we hit mile marker 3.  Don't know my time - cause there were no clocks - I felt good and was trying to run a steady pace.  I did have to walk a little to get my bib pinned on my shirt and take my jacket off - but that was it.  I then sped back up to "catch" up with the people that were around me when I stopped to walk.  So I think I did OK.  The conditions in the Arb were great - I had been a little worried that the road would be slippery - but it was pretty clear and very easy to avoid the slush.  Finally at mile marker 4 they were offering water.  I usually carry water, but decided not to today, wish I would have.  I like the idea of being able to drink when I want to, instead of waiting for the water stop. 

As we headed out of the Arb we had passed mile 5 - so the end was near.  Yea!  

Rounded the corner and re-entered the zoo - almost done.  Finished at 58:31 - slower than the Berbee Derby - but 9:25 pace - I am fine with it.  

Lessons learned:  
1. Charge battery on Garmin - it would have been nice to know my pace.  
2. Bring my own water - even in winter - you need water and only getting one little cup of water at mile 4 just wasn't enough.  
3. No matter what - Enjoy yourself

Jingle Bell 10K Run

The local Jingle Bell run starts at 10:30 this morning.  Although I have signed up to run - I was going to wait and check conditions this morning before I decided to participate or not.  We were suppose to be in the middle of snow, sleet and rain conditions this morning . . . but that didn't happen.  I don't mind running in rain and I don't mind running in cold or snow . . . but 30 degrees with dropping temperatures and a combination of sleet, rain and snow . . . just doesn't sound like fun.  It looks like there might be a little snow this morning - but the rain, sleet and 8 inches of snow will be starting in the afternoon.  So the race is on for me.

WOW!  this is my first post in December.  I have been super busy at work and not getting home until after 7.  I have also been out of the office a couple of days and and an overnight trip to Chicago - this always means that I seem to have a lot more late evenings at work.  After spending all day on the computer at work - I just haven't had the energy to write a post.  I have been doing pretty good about reading all of your posts . . . I just haven't made any comments  :-(    . . . but I have been thinking about all of you   ;-)

I only have 50 miles left to hit my goal of running 1000 miles this year.  I know I will get it done!

I got a bike trainer for my birthday present - I have only been on it twice - but do love it.

Will report later about the run and life in general.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

55 for 55

So today is my birthday - 55 years old and loving every single day.  It is somewhat a cliche to say this - but it is my blog and I will say what I want . . .  I wasn't sure when I was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 years ago, that I would be here to celebrate my 55th birthday.  But somewhere deep in my gut - I knew that I would beat it - but that isn't something that you say out LOUD - you keep that hidden in the back of your mind or deep in your gut  . . . just in case.  That is the thing with cancer - you can never be sure of anything in the future - there is always that doubt in the back of your mind.

I have decided to celebrate my 55th year by coming up with 55 things to do during my 55th year.  These things will all contain the number 5 and I will either do them for a specific period of time or the whole year - depending on the "thing".   (I stole this idea from the local newspaper this morning  - a women turned 60 and was working on a list of 60 things all involving the number 60 - hers were a little more exotic - like travel to 6 countries)

I think it will take me a little time to come up with the entire list of 55 things - but figure I have the entire year to do it.  So here is a partial list of things (in no special order) I would like to accomplish or start doing before I turn 56...  I will be posting additional items on a weekly basis as I come up with them - and will update all my bloggie friends on how I am doing.      ;-)

  1. Lose 5.5 pounds in 5 1/2 months - Goal weight of 124!
  2. Do 55 push ups in a row
  3. Run 5.5 miles in under 50 minutes
  4. Read more than 5 books
  5. Bike 55 or more miles on 5 occasions
  6. Pray/meditate for 5 1/2 minutes a day
  7. Do 55 crunches in a row
  8. Take 5.5 days of personal vacation days - just for me
  9. Ski at 5 different ski resorts during my winter ski trip
  10. Practice my clarinet for 55 minutes 5 days in a row for 5 weeks
  11. Take 5 minutes a day to throw away 5 things
  12. Dependant on getting a bike trainer - ride my bike for 55 minutes 5 days a week for 5 weeks
  13. Compliment my staff 5 times in 5 weeks - they deserve it and I don't do enough of it
  14. Ski 55,000 vertical feet during our January ski vacation
  15. Drink 5 glasses of water a day - 5 days a week
  16. (My husband's suggestion) - spend 55 less minutes on the computer for 5.5 weeks (ME - might not happen) 
more to come . . . .

Let me know if you have any idea's.  

Friday, November 26, 2010

Berbee Derby Race Results

34 with 8 mph winds from the north -

Those were the conditions at 9:00 yesterday morning when the Berbee Derby started.  Sounds pretty nice - but I assure you - it was chilly.  I went with my clothes selection of capri's, long sleeve tech top with front zipper, light jacket, hat and gloves/mitten combo.  I arrived at the race around 8:00 - found parking and visited the porta pottie and questioned my clothes.  I had other clothes in the car and should have put them on before heading out.  It was breezy and sprinkling every so slightly / almost sleeting.  The good news is that there were absolutely no lines - got in and out quick.  Ran back to the car - warm up . . .

This was the 7th running of this Thanksgiving day race.  It was started my a local Computer tech company - funds raised benefit the Tech Education Foundation - a fund designed to help meet the technology needs of area non-profit organizations.  There were 6,100 people signed up.

Sat in the car until 8:40 and then decided to head towards the start line.  Headed over to the start - listened to the National Anthem - and yes, as Chelsea from Early Runner, HERE pointed out, the young women, who had a beautiful voice, did sing a couple of words wrong, I was singing along - albeit silently.  I assume she new the right words (I hope)  -  and am attributing it to the cold - maybe her teeth were chattering.   ;-)

Anyway - after a few more minutes we started.  My plan - (I really never have a plan) was to go fast (OK that is relative) for miles 1, 2 & 3.  Take it a little easy on 4 & 5 and then run fast again on 6.  My plan almost worked . . . I just didn't run fast on 6.  ;-)   Started out really strong and felt great.  Thankfully we headed east with the wind to our backs - this allowed me to get warmed up and around mile 1 off came one glove. Mile 1 - 8:41 - YIKES!
We were now on a rural road, one that I would bike by during my summer biking trips to the Capital City Trail - I always wondered where that road went - now I know.  Mile 2 marker passed - 8:42 - YIKES!
The first three miles were slightly downhill - which added to my comfort.  Somewhere around mile 2.5 runners were heading back on the other side of the road from the turn around.  I made my was over to the left of the group and watched for Chelsea - I didn't see her until she was just about even with me - so when I gave her a Holler - I know she didn't see me.  Just around the turnaround was mile 3 - 8:46 - YIKES!
After mile 3 we made our way onto the Capital city trail - a trail I had biked on dozens of times this past summer.  It was nice running on the path and know exactly was was ahead and it is a very pleasant woods area.  BUT - remember we are in Wisconsin and it is deer season - I know we were very near hunting grounds - but hey we live dangerously up here.  At this point I needed to slow down a bit.  Who knows - if I had planned to run fast for 4 miles - maybe I wouldn't have slowed down for mile 4?????  Anyway - I fell back to a comfy pace and hit mile 4 with a 9:35 pace and mile 5 with a 9:25 pace.  That is more like me!
Now I tried to run fast - but I was breathing pretty hard - so even though I was trying - it wasn't working.  I headed up the hill on mile 6 and could hear the announcer and music coming from the finish line - so I knew I was close.  Mile 6, which was almost all uphill -  was at a 9:35 pace.  Little extra at 7:53 pace and I was through the finish line with a personal best of 56:43 and a 9:08 pace.

Grabbed water and headed to the car - drove home and got ready for Thanksgiving!

I learned a valuable lesson - I can run fast!  Next time I will try to stay at a 9:00 pace - which would probably be more productive than how I ran this race  . . . and who knows . . . maybe I can run at that pace!  Actually I think I can!!!!

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Berbee Derby - Thanksgiving Day 10k

Happy Thanksgiving!

Getting ready to head out the door, well I still have to dress, etc.  But as soon as I press publish - I am getting ready.  I am running the Berbee Derby 10k this morning.  Tough call is what to wear.  Conditions at race time : Temp 35, feels like 26, winds wnw15mph.  Hmmmmmmmm!!!

My current plan is capri's - tech long sleeve shirt, light jacket, hat and gloves.  Temp's are perfect . . . it is the dang wind that bugs me.  Plus much of the course is on the Capital city trail - a trail I am very familiar with since I biked on it almost weekly last summer.  Much of it is pretty wide open.  I will pack extra clothes - in case I change my mind.

Once I get home - I have some cooking and baking to do!

Have a great day!

I am thankful!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Under the weather

YUCK - I have come down with a cold and sore throat.  I am sure that traveling last week had everything to do with it.  I swear that I can usually fight a cold off at the first sign - but it was hard to fight this one.  I didn't get home until 11pm Wednesday - spent a little time unpacking essentials - and then had to be to work at 7:30 am and was at a meeting outside the office for most of the day.  With the time change - and flying - I was exhausted!   Arggggggg! 

Last night I had the opportunity to host some of my staff at a UW Badger hockey game against Minn Duluth.  My employer has a suite that includes food and beverages - it is a lot of fun - it would have been better if the Badgers would have pulled out an overtime win - but that didn't happen.  :-( 

As a result of having a cold and sore throat - there was absolutely no way I was going to run this morning.  I read about others running while feeling horrible - but i just can't do it.  Probably has more to do with my age than anything else.  :-( 

I am running a 10k on Thursday morning - so I need to get a couple of good runs in this week.  I might take a couple of afternoons off, which will make it easier to get a long run in during daylight.  Speaking of afternoons off - I still have 18 days of vacation to take before the end of Feb.  Sounds wonderful - but I am really busy and it gets harder and harder to find time to take off.  I WILL BE TAKING THE FIRST WEEK OF JAN OFF FOR A SKI TRIP!  Yahoo

We are watching the Packers blow out the Vikings - and waiting for them to pull Favre!  It is a great day to sip on hot tea and watch football. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

San Diego Blog Post

Blogging from San Diego – where every day is beautiful!           

I have had a great time in San Diego – it was busy – I am tired – I learned a lot – I have some projects to look into when I get back to work (like I don’t have enough to keep me busy!) – I would love to come back to San Diego to visit. 

I got in Saturday evening around 7:00 – unpacked my back and simply walked down to the Sports Grill in the hotel to enjoy a bowl of soup and some sweet potato fries YUM.  Sunday I slept in – woke up around 9 and then went for a run along the bay.  This is a great city for running and walking.  There is a path along the water for running and walking, with shops, multiple marinas and open water views of the bay.  There are a couple of parks, including the Embarcadero, which extends out into the bay with a path around the perimeter. 

On the running front – I did pretty well and ran 3 out of 4 days that I have been at the conference.  On Sunday I run 7 plus miles in a little over 1 hour and 5 minutes – it was a great run.  I also ran 4 miles on Monday and 4.5 Tuesday  - this morning – I am trying to get this blog written and then I have to pack my bags and get to the conference.  I am finishing it up while I sit at the San Diego airport - oh my gosh - it is the smallest international airport, with only 1 runway - and they aren't kidding - it is really small.  

Here are a couple of pictures from San Diego.

These are views from my room on the 25th floor of the Hilton. 

Beautiful tree along the Embarcadero

The Midway – a World War II museum – with naval sailor and girl statue.

Local art along the running path

This was my favorite piece - titled – Liberation!


Here are the steps of the convention center -  I did climb these stairs one day - this morning I saw someone jumping up the steps - all of them - with both feet together - I don't think I could do that!!!  

And last but certainly not least – here is a picture of the Carnival Splendor – the cruise ship that was dead in the water and brought back to port last Thursday with tug boats! 

On Monday evening – we went out on a dinner cruise – nope - it wasn't on the Carnival Splendor - sorry no pictures – we left the hotel at 6:15 so it was already dark – and I didn’t bring my camera.  It was a nice cruise around the bay – but it did get cut a little short because of the fog rolling in. 

Last evening we had a reception on the top floor of the hotel – wonderful food – and drink.

This morning  we have a ½ day of conference left – I fly out at 3:00. 

good bye 70 . . . hello 40 degree temp's  Back to cold weather!  

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Heading to San Diego for a conference

I haven't spent much time in the blogging world this last week.  I was out of the office two days for work - that simply messes up the "normal" routine.

Anyway - I did get a couple of nice runs in this week and a little work on the elliptical machine at the fitness center at work.  I ran 2 miles of Tuesday - 4.5 miles on Wednesday with 1/2 hour on the elliptical after work and another 3 miles on Thursday.  Easy pace 9:30 paces for all of the runs.

Right now it is 1 PM Saturday afternoon and I am sitting in the Denver Airport - waiting for my flight to San Diego.  I am attending a conference in San Diego on Mon - Wed next week and decided to head out today instead of tomorrow.  This will allow me to get a really nice run in tomorrow morning in San Diego ;-)  - using that time to explore the city.

The rest of the day will be spent doing what ever I want!!!!  No coordinating - no talking (unless I want) and no time frames . . . simply do - or not!

I am staying at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel - which looks to be a very nice hotel.  I think it is near the Gaslamp Quarters district, which contains small shops and restaurants.  I am spending my layover time here at the airport to CATCH up on blogs . . . and figure out my running path for tomorrow morning.  I might be running along the Embarcadero.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.  Time to start my walking - I have another 2 hours to kill and figure I will walk and walk and walk . . . better than sitting on my behind.  Then I am going to check out what everyone has been doing in bloggy land.  Good luck to local runners doing the Girls on the Run RUN in Waunakee - Jamie at Running Diva Mom - HERE and Chelsea at Early Runner - HERE were both going to run.  Hope you had great runs.

I will be blogging and running in San Diego!!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Turkey Trot - 2nd in my age group -

This morning was the 5k Annual Turkey Trot at a park near my house.  It is a cross country style race - I debated about doing the 5Mile course - but settled on the 5k - cross country isn't something that I do very well.  I am always nervous that I will trip or twist my ankle.  The 5k started at 10 and the 5mile started at 11.  There was an option to run both of them - I did see several individuals doing just that.

This morning the temp's were cool - but I knew that it would warm up nicely and be a wonderful day for a race.  Since I only live 2 miles from the start - I didn't get there until 1/2 hours before the start.  I ran into a co-worker walking to the registration area.  I also knew that two other women from the neighborhood were running and Kerri from Running for Life! HERE -  was signed up to run the 5mile race.  

It was around 43 when I pulled up - and it was almost 50 when we finished.  I wore shorts and a light long sleeve tech shirt and my gloves - which I took off almost immediately after the race started.  I talked to my co-worker a little before the race - dumped my jacket and hat on a picnic table and was ready to race.  There is no getting into a groove with this race - you almost immediately head up a pretty steep hill.  But once up the hill - the rest of the course is slightly downhill (what goes up - must come down) and gentler rolling inclines . . . but of course you have to tackle the hill a second time - but you go up the side - which is not quite as steep . . . but then it is your second time around - so it still seems as steep.  ;-)

I saw Kerri along the way - once at the beginning, once as I came around the first loop and again as I crossed the finish line.  I think that one of the tricks to running a course like this is to be at the front of the race as much as possible.  Since much of the course travels through woods on a path - it is very difficult to pass people.  On my first mile I was definitely slower than I had wanted - but was able to pass people when we got to openings.

I finished in 28:22 (by my watch) which was second place for my age group.
My splits were:
Lap 1 - 9:31
Lap 2 - 9:05 - WOW - that is fast for me - usually my fast miles are 9:15's.
Lap 3 - 9:25
leftover - .21

I chatted with Kerri at the end - and then headed to the trailer to check the times.  In my age group there was only the 1st place person listed  and her time was 25 something - so I had no idea that I had won 2nd.  I went back to grab my jacket and hat and then got another glass of water.  I listened to the awards and then they called my name.  Yahoo!  First time I have ever placed in the top three.

I looked for my neighbors - but must have missed them.  I then headed over to the start of the 5 mile race to tell Kerri - I had to share my award with Kerri !!!!  

I stayed and took a couple of pictures at the start of the 5 mile and then around mile 2 of Kerri -
Kerri - Arms in the air!!!

This young women always has a smile on her face.  ;-)    She caught me off guard - because she pulled her yellow shirt off - but I still managed a couple of picks somewhere around mile 2.    I didn't stay to see her finish - hoping that she had a great race.  It was a beautiful day!

Enjoy and have a great weekend.  !!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Daylight saving and Turkey Trot

Short post - The good news:  we get an extra hour of sleep tonight . . . the bad news:  it will be dark when I come home from work.

After last weekends 1/2 marathon I have taken it pretty easy this week.  I have run 3 times - but only 2 miles each . . . I am OK with that.  It felt good to rest.  Tomorrow morning is the Turkey Trot.  I am doing the 5K - so no biggie . . . and again that is OK.  It should be fun - I have run this course in the past for other races.  It is a cross country course and has a super steep hill and is located only 2 miles from my house.  Yea -

Anyway - off to watch Karate Kid.  ;-)  Drinking a pomegranate martini.  ;-)

Enjoy that extra hour of sleep.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Haunted Hustle Results

Oh my gosh!  I had a great time.  This was the first year of this local race and it was wonderful.  I will definitely sign up again.

My goals were to
Have a fun time!
Take pictures - somehow I am taking my camera with me.  It just fits into my handheld pocket.  
Keep a good pace - under 10 min miles
Have fun!
And I accomplished all of them - especially the double fun! 

I was up early - to eat and get ready. The race started at 7:45 and I arrived and parked by 7:10. I headed over to use the port-a-pottie . . . . which was NOT easy with this dress on - I was worried about exactly where all of the material might be located at any given moment while using the port-a-pottie. I was very careful to make sure I knew exactly where my sleeves were! When I first arrived at the race I didn't see many people in costume and was actually a little bummed out about it. It was actually quite breezy at the start and I decided to walk back to my car and wait a little while longer before heading to the start. Well I guess the costumes all arrived as I was waiting in my car - YEAH!!!! I headed over to the start at about 7:35. Here are a couple of pictures. 

Me at the start!
 People in front of me!

We headed out - 1/2 marathoners and marathoners! Costumes and no costumes! Mile 1 - 3 flew by. That was really the only part of the course that was hilly and other than one relatively steep hill - it was mainly just rolling neighborhood streets. I knew that Kerri - from Running for Life! HERE was working the water station at mile 3 and 23(of the marathon). As soon as I approached I started yelling Kerri - one of the water station people said she was further down the line. I hollered Kerri again and there she was. I stopped and had a photo op with her.
I love her green hair - it would have looked nice under my witches hat! 

After mile 3 - we headed into the Pheasant Branch Nature Conservancy - a beautiful area to run. Because it was an out and back - it was a little difficult to pass people - you just had to scout ahead to make sure there were no oncoming runners and then make a dash. There is where I first saw Jamie, from Running Diva Mom, HERE. She saw me first - I think the witch hat gave me away. We cheered for each other and then continued on. She had already turned around in the conservancy and was headed out - while I was just headed into the Conservancy . . . dang she is fast - she got another PR today - AWESOME running Jamie! 

As we approached mile 7-8 (I think) I knew I had an opportunity to see Jamie again. Runners were going both directions on the path and I figured I would get my camera ready (out of my pocket on my handheld - which I have to say actually worked pretty good - it was a snug fit - but it fit) - and watch for Jamie.  Sure enough - there she was - running strong.  Here is an action shot of Jamie. 

Looking Good Jamie!

Next up was mile 8. A co-worker lives really close and she was going to be at the turnaround on mile 8. I kept my camera out and there she was with two of her three children. 

Thanks Angie for showing up - having this to look forward to seemed to make the run go faster!

Now onto the last 5 miles. Nothing special - I felt pretty good - I walked through the water station at mile 9 to make sure that I had a good drink of water - I have Gatorade with me - but had just eaten a GU and wanted water to wash it down. These miles brought us back into town with more cheering and more activity (I love activity to distract me). 

As we headed into mile 12 - I got a side-stitch. I just kept telling myself - it wasn't much further and before you know it - there was the finish! 

Race Results  - 2:07:41 (personal record), average pace 9:51.......Yea!!!!

I had a great time.  

Here are another couple of photo's from the race

The Hambugular - the guy carried a McDonald's bag - it was pretty funny!

These two were near me for quite a bit of the race - but I finished in front of them ;-)