Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Starting the week off right.

I usually pack my lunch - saves time and money. I am pretty good about packing nutritious food - but will certainly pack whatever we have on hand . . . but I really try to pack good food - especially proud of my vegie combo with fruit on the side for this week.

My vegie combo is comprised of cucumbers, carrots, red - yellow or green peppers and roasted asparagus. In the morning I drizzle a little balsamic vinegar on the vegies and I am set. For my sweet tooth - it is pineapple and strawberries with a banana sliced. This is all very easy to prepare and worth it.

I love my glass containers that I purchased at Costco. So cute - an convenient.

Tomorrow mornings run will be a 3 mile loop. Looking forward to the start of the week - why do I always consider the week to start on Monday - wouldn't it be better if I thought about it starting on Sunday. When do you "think" the week starts?

It will be a busy week - because I have appointments on both Tuesday and Wednesday morning at church to do performance reviews. So although I won't be at work - I will be working on my vacation times. ;-) And it is Holy week.

For many of you (including my High School Senior) it is Spring Break. Although we don't have anything special planned - I do have a list of things for my son Charlie to do around the house and yard - and he will get paid for his work - which helps to motivate an 18 yr. old.

Have a great week. Run hard and play harder. ;-)

Enjoy each day.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Results and race report from Tall Mom Virtual Race for the Cure

It was a really nice day for the run. I slept late - had coffee and a slice of toast - commented on some blogs and then decided to head out. It was wonderful that the race director waited until I was ready to start the race. ;-) If only all races were so convenient.

Here is a picture of Sophie and I just before the start. I had a 10k loop mapped out from last year. It worked out perfect.

I did the 2 mile loop with my dog - dropped her off at the house - dropped off jacket - picked up water and headed back out the door for the other 4.2 miles and ended back within two houses of my house at 6.2. Thanks to the Garmin.

Temperature was 40 and overcast skies. Little to no wind to speak of.

And here are my stats:
Mile 1 - 9:07
Mile 2 - 9:12
Mile 3 - 9:24
Mile 4 - 9:59
Mile 5 - 9:49
Mile 6 - 9:26
Mile .2 - 1.53
Average Pace: 9:28
Distance: 6.21
Time: 58:49

The crowd (comprised of my husband and my dog Sophie) were there when I finished. Sophie was especially happy to see me.

I didn't have a 10:00 minute mile - I am so happy about that. I know - I know - I was really close with mile 4 at 8:59.

Not the fastest 10K - but pretty good for me. AND I HAD A GREAT TIME.

Here are pic's of my Garmin time and distance.

Big THANKS to Mel at Tall Mom for sponsoring this race. Just what I needed.

And one final picture - this is from my first Race for the Cure - May 2005 - My hair was just coming back in.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tall Mom Virtual Race for the Cure

I am running my first race of 2010. I know many of you have been racing in local races - or have traveled to warmer climates to race. But this will be my first of the season. It will be a lot of fun to be part of the virtual race.

It was funny at dinner tonight. My husband, youngest son and I went out to eat after I got home from my yoga class. I was telling them about the race. They didn't really understand why I would be doing this.

"Why don't you just say that you ran?"

"How will it be fair - some people will run hilly courses and others flat?"

"People will be all different ages."

"Just pick a fast time and report it."

I assured them that it was going to be fun and I was looking forward to it. They just shook their heads.

Looking forward to my run tomorrow. Running because I can. ;-)


Friday, March 19, 2010

Bragging - Just a little

My oldest son Joe - is a senior majoring in Engineering Physics at UW Platteville. He has been working on this coffee table since last summer. Thought I would share it with you -

Of course I think it is pretty cool and my husband and I have our order already placed.

Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring is Here

Well - not quite - but the temp's we have been experiencing are wonderful - people running around in shorts and tee shirts - no coats. It is wonderful. OK - for those from the south the temperature in Madison WI was 60 - I won't be putting my swimming suit on any time soon - but compared to 15 degrees - it is heavenly. But it is WI and this weekend the temp's are suppose to be in the low 30's with snow flurries . . . but spring is definitely in the air . . . . the robins are running around everywhere you look and the geese and ducks are flying in V formation - heading north - coming back for the summer.

SPRING - always feels like the return of a long familiar friend - one that doesn't need to be entertained, or impressed, or watched over . . . but simply a friend - that is here waiting for us to enjoy each others company. Love at first sight!!

On the running front - I ran 6 miles on Sunday with the following avg pace:
1 - 9:24
2 - 9:20
3 - 9:30
4 - 10:03
5 - 10:09
6 - 9:27

Monday I ran the two mile loop around the neighborhood in 18:29.

Pretty happy with my increased speed. I am trying to run (as fast as I can) for 30 right foot strikes - slow down for 30 and repeat. I do this for the last 1/2 mile of my run. Some times I have to slow down for a little longer period of time - but I think it is certainly helping my turn my legs over faster.

and I hope everyone stays healthy - there is a lot of gunk out there. Wash your hands. ;-)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Slowly but surely - I am running faster

I see everyone else's running times and I have been reluctant to post mine - because they are not in the single digits.
But I have recently really been trying to run faster - pure and simple - turn my legs over faster. And I can see results. Yahoo.

Here is a comparison of my average pace per mile

On Feb. 15 - I ran 3 miles
1 - 10:09
2 - 11:40
3 - 10:48

March 6 - I ran 4.5 miles
1 - 9:50
2 - 10.07
3 - 9.38
4 - 9.25
5 - 9.25

And this morning I ran the short 2 mile loop around my neighborhood
1 - 9.19
2 - 9.16

Have a great weekend.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Cheese Cake - I don't think it can be good for you ;-)

It has been a long week. I have actually been really - REALLY good about commenting on other blogs - but have not written anything on mine. ;-(

The week was going pretty well - I was eating really good - vegie salads for lunch and small portions at dinner . . . that all stopped yesterday. It was one of my employees 15 yr. anniversary at the company and I said that I would bring in cheese cakes to celebrate her anniversary. It use to be that whenever there was an occasion to bring food to work - I could be counted on to bring cheese cake. But seriously I bet I haven't made a cheese cake in 5 years. Anyway - I made two cheese cakes, chocolate chip with oreo crust and lemon poppyseed. Since there are over 50 people I also bought a whipped cream frosting cake from a local "Favorite" bakery. OK - I know - I know - none of them were natural whole foods. But come on - who can deny that they are not delish.

I cut the cheese cakes into really really slim pieces - but I could still feel the effects of eating that sugar. So I fell off the bandwagon . . . . and Oh My Goodness - I was dragging yesterday afternoon and evening. And because I was in a meeting that ran long yesterday afternoon I missed my circuit training . . . . which I really needed. :-(

Got right back in the swing of things today. Ran this morning and back to eating the good stuff.

Isn't that the trick - you can't ALWAYS eat good (or at least I can't) - but you just have to get back to reality as soon as possible. OK - I will admit I am having a glass of wine as I type this. ;-)

We are expecting mid-40's for the next couple of days. Of course that would be great if I ran in the afternoon - but as a early morning runner I don't really get to enjoy those warm temps - but it sure makes the rest of the day more enjoyable.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.