Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Yaktras and Tuesday ramblings

First things first . . . when I got home yesterday there was a package waiting for me. Isn't that one of the best feelings. Just like a birthday or Christmas. It makes me feel very happy.

It was my YAKTRAX that I had won from Jen at Setting You Free. THANKS so much. I am looking forward to trying them out. I might have an opportunity to try them tomorrow morning - we are expecting snow showers again this evening. I will let you all know how they work.

Tuesday Ramblings ... ..... ..........

This last weekend my family got new cell phones. That was 4 cell phones . . . three data plans . . . oh my. I admit - I like tech gadgets. I have had to spend some time learning some of the features of my new Motorola Droid. But, so far, so good . . . it is really nice (and fun).

It seems I am always saying how busy I am . . . I am tired of complaining about being busy.
This weeks activities:
Monday - work and church council meeting in the evening - home at 8:15
Tuesday - out of town for work - dog training class in the evening - home at 7:45
Wednesday - work - Lent service at church (probably not home until 8:00)
Thursday - out of town for work - nothing in the evening. yea
Friday - TGIF

I didn't run or take the dog out for a walk this morning because I had to get to work early to drive to Milwaukee - so I am looking forward to my run tomorrow morning.

Over the last week I have been running in the morning and running after work on the treadmill. I am really trying to increase my distance on my morning runs. Nothing too long - because I don't want to get up any earlier in the morning . . . but certainly something longer than the normal 2 mile route around the neighborhood. So I have been running 3.5 miles in the morning. My time has been slow - but it will get faster.

I feel like I need and want more direction . . .
in my life . . . prioritizing and simplifying and accepting
in my running . . . re-commiting and increasing my distance and speed
in my blogging. . . figuring out what I am trying to do

Maybe I am thinking to much . . . as the nike slogan says . . . Just do it . . .????



  1. So glad they made it to you... and since I got mine, our snow has mostly melted, but they are calling for another one this Thursday, so I might get to try them out.

  2. Lookiing forward to hearing your opinion on the yaktrax. You definitely have a busy week planned, it's great that you manage morning run!

    Sometimes, we do need to make changes in our life...hope you get the direction you are searching for.

  3. I love packages in the mail!! It always makes my day too :-)

  4. Packages in the mail brighten your day! A YakTrax review is in your future!

    Great job increasing your morning distance. I love a 3.5 in the morning!

    I am sure you will find soon mini-goals that will help you move forward in all those areas!