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Monday, June 28, 2010

Watch the International Space Station

For any of you that enjoy the night sky - the International Space Station is quite viewable. 

From the website:  SpaceWeather.com

ISS MARATHON CONTINUES: The ISS continues to orbit Earth in almost constant sunlight, setting the stage for multiple bright flybys in the night sky. Some observers are seeing the space station as often as five times a night! A NASA all-sky meteor camera caught the ISS flying over Georgia on June 27th. "In the last few frames of the movie, the ISS has a close encounter with Jupiter followed quickly thereafter by a flare from Iridium 91," notes Bill Cooke of the Marshall Space Flight Center. "What are the odds of that?" When the ISS appears this often, the improbable becomes a lot more likely. See for yourself.

If you click on the "See for yourself" - located at the end of the paragraph - the site allows you to simply enter your zip code and the schedule of the ISS sightings will be displayed. There is also an app for this for iPhone and Android users. ;-)

If the time is doable - it is pretty cool to watch it travel across the night sky. It gives you a special perspective. 


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