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Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring flowers

Spring is not my favorite season.  There I said it - while I know that many many people love spring - for me it means, rain, wind and cold temp's  - all the while you are wishing for warmer temps.  I love winter - but by the end of February I am ready for warmer temps, but Spring is a constant struggle.  We finally get some warmer temp's, maybe even 60 or 70 degrees and then boom - the next day back in the 40's or even 30's.  Yuck.  Heck - tonight there are frost warnings - it is May 16th, we shouldn't have to worry about frost.
But I do love getting back into my gardens and watching everything starting to grow.

Early spring - daffodil's

day lilies growing and daffodil's

perennials on side of yard

Tulips ready to open
rocks, tulips, daffodil's

the view out my front door

around the screen porch

side yard


  1. Lovely pictures! You guys have had a particularly rough spring this year. Hope it gets warm and stays warm soon.

  2. i wish i had a green thumb. i look at my yard andpray, i don't know what needs to becut down or back ....what is a weed. help !!!