Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Friday, May 6, 2011

Sometimes it is the little things in life!

At the start of the year I made a commitment to myself that I was not going to buy any clothing for the year. I really don't need any. Although I have not yet found time to clean out my closet, I have counted my hangers and there are more than 200 hangers and that does not count jeans and other clothes that are in drawers or shelves in the closet, or summer items not yet pulled out of storage. So I definitely have enough clothes. And so far I have not purchased anything. I will allow myself to purchase running shoes, underwear and bra's as needed.

I recently purchased new running shoes and before I went to New York, I ordered 3 new "regular" bra's and 1 new sports bra and they all arrived while I was gone. Just like a kid - it is always exciting to see packages when you arrive home. This is the first time I have ordered "regular" bra's on-line - well not "regular" for most people, but "regular" for me. Since I have had a mastectomy I wear a prosthesis on the right side and to hold it in place, I wear bra's with special pockets for the prosthesis. I have tried to purchase regular bra's and simply insert it into the cup - but it doesn't offer 100% assurance that it won't move or shift or worse case . . . fall out, like the time I went to a yoga class immediately after work and I was wearing the wrong type of bra. During about the 100th down dog - out it slipped. I simply picked it up and stuffed it back into my bra, laughing to myself the whole time. 

I have now worn two of the "regular" bras and love them both. I also ordered a sports bra and love that also. I ordered the Moving Comfort Juno sports bra and wore it this morning. Yup it is a keeper.

Sometimes it is the little things - Yahoo to new bra's!



  1. I LOVE my Juno bras...it really must be nice to be able to buy a "regular" bra. Yay! I'm always struck by the things we end up taking for granted...thanks!

  2. That's awesome! Sorry about your yoga bra incident! lol I love getting new packages in the mail as well! :0)

  3. Nothing like a new lift for the girls to brighten your day! ;-)

  4. A good sports bra is a wonderful thing. I've done a few long runs in not so great bras that I thought were trying to eat a hole through my rib cage. I loved reading about your NY ride. Sounds like a ton of fun (other than the part where your brakes totally gave out!).