Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Broken Record - hamstring issues - but a good beer makes it better!

Just when I was feeling better I went water skiing and twinge went my hamstring.  ;-(  

Friday evening was a beautiful time to be on the boat - hot, humid, low winds and almost no other boats.  The family all went out of the boat to get some good water skiing in and cruise around the lake.  I jumped in second and immediately on getting up on the ski's I felt a tug to my hamstring.  DANG - double DANG!

I am taking it easy AGAIN for a couple days, I ran / walked 2 miles yesterday and decided to take today off.  I am going for long run Monday morning and hope that it feels OK.  The Madison Mini Marathon is on Aug 20th - JUST 3 weeks away and I am still committed to running.  I have come to accept that it will be tough and I probably won't be running very fast - but I am just hoping that I can run it without being in pain.  My mileage has been really low to almost non-existent for July,  between the heat and humidity and piriformis and hamstring problems I have not put in nearly the time I had planned.  When I look back over then month I only ran 7 times with the longest run happening last week with 6.65 miles.  I need to work out a new plan to fit some longish runs in between now and Aug 20th . . . oh and bike 150 miles in the MS 150 bike ride, which is August 6 & 7 . . . so obviously I won't be running on either of those days.  Wish there were more days in the week. 

I did put in 362 miles on my bike and feel ready to tackle 150 miles next weekend.  I biked to work 9 days and went on 10 training rides all in preparation of biking 75 miles on Aug 6 and 75 miles on Aug 7 in the MS 150 Bike Ride.  I am really REALLY hoping that this cross training will help me out during the 1/2 marathon.  

Yesterday my husband and son biked to New Glarus on the Badger State and Sugar River bike trails - it was hot and sticky - but our goal was to make it to town in time to get to the New Glarus Brewery - home of Spotted Cow and Totally Naked, to name a couple of my favorite beers made there - and we did.  The brewery stops offering tastings at 4:00 and we walked in about 3:50 and were able to buy a glass and get it refilled with a second beer before they closed the doors.  Since we were there I also bought a case of Totally Naked and got my son a sampler six pack with some of their other beers that he has not tried.  How did we carry a case of beer on our bikes?  (My son's girlfriend works in New Glarus and had our SUV with bike rack with her -  we got a ride back to Madison and actually stopped at a local bar in New Glarus for a burger and fries before heading home.)  I have got to say, that I can't remember the last time I ate a burger and fries and although I know I won't probably be eating another one soon - it sure did taste REALLY GOOD -  YUMMMMMMM!  
New Glarus Brewery - Hilltop

Joe and Todd on the front steps - it was hot and we were looking for shade!

Todd and me enjoying our brew after a 26 mile bike ride

Sample 6 pack and case of Totally Naked!

Totally Naked and a Raspberry Tart!
Since the MS 150 is a fundraising event to help find a cure for MS - I have been raising money and am including a link to my fundraising page.  If you know someone suffering with MS and would like to contribute towards finding a cure - check out my page HERE and leave a donation.  THANKS!  


  1. Ok, SERIOUSLY JEALOUS of you. No, I'm not jealous of a twinge in your hamstring (feel better!!!). You are going to the Battle of the Bays in Lambeau! Simply green with envy right now.

  2. OK, another comment from me. I can't imagine riding a bike that far. I hope that your leg feels better for your half this weekend. GL!! You can do it.