Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Run for Sherry Arnold

Like many bloggers I have been saddened by the story of Sherry Arnold - keeping tabs on the events from Shut Up and Run - Here and always wishing for the best . . . but that was not to be.  Beth, from Shut Up and Run organized a virtual run for yesterday . . . or any day we wanted . . . and I chose today.  Temp's were in the low teens, with winds, bringing the windchill to zero.  Chilly, but doable.

I did 3 miles with Sophie and thought about life - Sherry's life, her families life and my life.

Life is short - an often said comment.  But until you face a tragedy or a serious illness, it is hard to understand and appreciate.  Events like this, make us all stop and appreciate where we are in life.  Good or bad - rich or poor - healthy or not . . . there is always something to be Thankful for.

Things can change in an instant - Again, you leave the house in the morning, just like every other morning, but then something happens.  Something that you could have NEVER planned.  I am not  advocating acting like today is your last . . . but there is an aspect of organizing and making peace with things or people that is important . . . why wait until it is too late.  Do it now and then ENJOY life to its fullest.

Let those that you love, know it - Tell the people around you.  Show them that you love them by treating them lovingly, with respect, whether that be your spouse, your children, your neighbor or the homeless . . . doesn't everyone deserve your respect and love.

I hope and pray that Sherry's family finds a level of Peace and builds a new "normal", albeit without Sherry in person . . . but still loving the person Sherry was.

Peace and Enjoy the moment.

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