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Monday, October 11, 2010

10-10-10-10K report

First off - Major Congratulations to Kerri, at Running for Life, HERE - , who I met at a blogger meet up, organized by Jamie before the Madison Mini Marathon back in August, ran her first Marathon today - Chicago - Way to go Kerri.  I can only imagine . . .   it was all I could do to run 6.2 miles today . . .  not 26.2   ;-)

Jamie, at Running Diva Mom - HERE,  hosted a virtual 10K in celebration of 10-10-10.  I figured I would keep with the spirit of the event and run it on the 10th - even though she was nice enough to let us run it anytime between Oct 1 and Oct 15.  Little did I know it would be this warm.  I am not complaining . . . we have been so lucky to be experiencing out of the ordinary warm and dry weather the last week.  It has been gorgeous - absolutely gorgeous.  Saturday we had a record high temperature of 85 and Sunday, race day, the high was 82, we missed hitting a record high on Sunday by a couple of degrees.  FYI - the average high for this time of year is 63.  Last week I was running in 40 degree temperatures and even some high 30's . . .  Sunday, it was 70 when I started my 10K.   :-)

Throwing me off slightly was the fact that my running partner, Sophie was spending the weekend with my son and his girl friend  . . .

I got out right around 9:30 - 
temp: 70 degrees - 
sky: clear blue - 
leaves: bright red & yellow & dropping

Here is a pre-race shot - take notice of all the leaves - later on in the day we blew and racked leaves and today there are just about as many on the ground . . . .
I was actually thinking about running 10 miles and simply stop my garmin at 6.2 . . . but after a couple miles I decided that I would instead just run the 10K and leave the longer distance for another day.

I actually looked up the route that I used for Tall Mom's Virtual Run back in March - figuring that it worked out perfect.  The run went pretty good.  I had a slower mile 4 - but then picked the pace back up with the remaining couple of miles.  It was beautiful weather - my ipod was loaded and I had my handheld with me.  I debated on taking my camera - decided at the last minute to leave it on the porch.  At mile 6 - here comes one of Madison's fire trucks around the corner . . . Madison has 12 fire stations and the station near our neighborhood is #10. . . . so there on the front of the fire truck was a huge #10.  I just had to laugh and I so wanted a photo of the truck.

Here are my mile splits:
1 - 9:16
2 - 9:34
3 - 9:11
4 - 9:43
5 - 9:27
6 - 9:19
.2 - 8:39

Total time was 58:21

Here is my photo in honor of 10-10-10-10k.  

thanks Jamie for organizing this virtual race.


  1. What beautiful fall you are having. We are still a bit away from leaves really turning but there have been signs of autumn for quite some time now.
    It is funny how our perspectives differ. We have had unusually warm weather also and for most of us in SF Bay Area it is a bit annoying to hit mid 80's this time of year. We are ready for cooler temps.
    Enjoy your autumn. Raking leaves is so much fun, at least I think so.

  2. Congrats on your 10K! Keep enjoying that beautiful fall weather. :)

  3. Thanks for the shoutout! :) it was definitely HOT. But I made it! Still need to post my report for jamie. I ran the first 10k for her. Ten minutes slower than normal... I guess all of my waving and gazing upward slowed me down. :) awesome time on your 10k, and lots of beautiful fall scenery!

  4. Wow, that is a great 10K time:) Nice work! I love the picture of the ten in the leaves! It is such a pretty time of year....wondering how much longer this fantastic weather is going to last.

    Have a great week!

  5. Wow -- your mature neighborhood looks so beautiful this time of year!! Even though I don't like raking, I wish our little bitty twigs of a tree had some pretty color on them right now!!! And, who is that beautiful woman in the Bondi band posing in front of the fall color?!? Fabulous!
    Loved the report and the fact that you saw the fire truck, funny! Thanks for participating and for getting out there this weekend. It was a gorgeous one.