Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Sunday, November 28, 2010

55 for 55

So today is my birthday - 55 years old and loving every single day.  It is somewhat a cliche to say this - but it is my blog and I will say what I want . . .  I wasn't sure when I was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 years ago, that I would be here to celebrate my 55th birthday.  But somewhere deep in my gut - I knew that I would beat it - but that isn't something that you say out LOUD - you keep that hidden in the back of your mind or deep in your gut  . . . just in case.  That is the thing with cancer - you can never be sure of anything in the future - there is always that doubt in the back of your mind.

I have decided to celebrate my 55th year by coming up with 55 things to do during my 55th year.  These things will all contain the number 5 and I will either do them for a specific period of time or the whole year - depending on the "thing".   (I stole this idea from the local newspaper this morning  - a women turned 60 and was working on a list of 60 things all involving the number 60 - hers were a little more exotic - like travel to 6 countries)

I think it will take me a little time to come up with the entire list of 55 things - but figure I have the entire year to do it.  So here is a partial list of things (in no special order) I would like to accomplish or start doing before I turn 56...  I will be posting additional items on a weekly basis as I come up with them - and will update all my bloggie friends on how I am doing.      ;-)

  1. Lose 5.5 pounds in 5 1/2 months - Goal weight of 124!
  2. Do 55 push ups in a row
  3. Run 5.5 miles in under 50 minutes
  4. Read more than 5 books
  5. Bike 55 or more miles on 5 occasions
  6. Pray/meditate for 5 1/2 minutes a day
  7. Do 55 crunches in a row
  8. Take 5.5 days of personal vacation days - just for me
  9. Ski at 5 different ski resorts during my winter ski trip
  10. Practice my clarinet for 55 minutes 5 days in a row for 5 weeks
  11. Take 5 minutes a day to throw away 5 things
  12. Dependant on getting a bike trainer - ride my bike for 55 minutes 5 days a week for 5 weeks
  13. Compliment my staff 5 times in 5 weeks - they deserve it and I don't do enough of it
  14. Ski 55,000 vertical feet during our January ski vacation
  15. Drink 5 glasses of water a day - 5 days a week
  16. (My husband's suggestion) - spend 55 less minutes on the computer for 5.5 weeks (ME - might not happen) 
more to come . . . .

Let me know if you have any idea's.  


  1. A VERY Happy Birthday to you!! I love your list of 55 things! Hope you have a fabulous day! :0)

  2. A 55K run :) :)
    Happy Birthday Linda!
    That list is a great idea...

  3. This is a wonderful list.
    Happy Birthday Linda.

  4. This is an amazing idea! I'm thankful you got to see your 55th birthday. You are inspiring many more than you probably know.

    You are about to reach 55 followers! Another thing for your list.

  5. Happy birthday!
    You should buy five new pairs of shoes, donate to five charities,or try and give five random people a high-five.

  6. Kerri - One of my most recent additions to my 55 list is to purge 55 things from my closet . . . so buying 5 new pairs of shoes would be a little counter productive . . . but fun! Unless they were running shoes, biking shoes, ski boots, cross country books or winter boots - none of which will be included in the purge. ;-)

  7. Happy birthday! One of the hardest things for me has been getting used to the uncertainty about the future. Thanks for sharing as your story is an inspiration for me. I LOVE your list! What a wonderfule way to celebrate.

  8. Happy belated birthday, miss linda!! I think that this is such a great idea -- fabulous! 124 lbs -- I think I weighed that in 7th grade! I use to play the clarinet to (for 8 years -- really miss it). Can't wait to see what the rest of your list entails. Sounds like fun.

  9. Happy Birthday To You! I love the list - you go girl!