Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Friday, March 18, 2011

Shamrock Shuffle

I have been trying to finsih this post since Sunday evening!  I was exhausted all week - recovering from vacation and I was super busy at work - so I didn't feel like looking at a computer screen all week.

We arrived home from Key West at 3:30 pm on Saturday.  Unpacked - did some laundry - went to bed early - got up Sunday morning and ran in the local Shamrock Shuffle 10k.

I met up with some local running bloggers,  Jamie - HEREChelsea - HERE and Kerri - HERE, before the race.  Here is a great shot of the four of us.

We hooked up - chatted - took a few pictures and finally decided it was time to head outside.

Jamie - left to meet up with someone
Chelsea - headed to the start line to try and get "close" to the front - I am sure I would have been that fast if I had started running when I was her age!  LOL!
Kerri and I headed out to the starting line.

There were quite a few people waiting.  We found a little opening and stood there for a couple of minutes. I then "looked" around and made the observation that I didn't think that the people we were standing around were going to be running in the 10k - my guess was that they were either running the 5k or walking the 2 miles.  I asked if they were 5k or 10k and they said 5k . . . we moved up . . . I pushed through asking as I went - 5k or 10k?  until we got to the 10k folks.  By that time there were probably 2 minutes left - There was an Irish prayer and then we were off.

The course is an out and back and includes a run up and down Observatory Hill on the UW campus twice.  WOW oh WOW - that is tough.  I am use to running up the hill heading west - that is often part of local runs - but I have never run up the hill heading east!  Wozer!  I didn't stop - kept my head down and said  . . . just keep running.

It was a great run - I felt pretty strong the whole way!

Finished in 59:15 for a 9:33 pace.
Garmin -
1   9:55
2   9:35
3   9:31
4   9:33
5   9:30
6   9:37
.2  8:26

Pretty consistent!

Tomorrow 10 miles - and temps near 50 - Oh ya!


  1. You are consistent especially considering that hill you had to do twice.
    Enjoy the weekend and your 10mi.

  2. Way to go. Maybe it's better to not know that going east over the hill is the worst part. I always feel like I'm saving a little bit for that part, and I'm not sure the downhill on the other side makes up for it either. Enjoy your run this weekend!

  3. Great job at your race! Hope your 10 mile went just as well and that you feel rested after your trip.

  4. Thanks for letting me know...I was just noticing that since I got the "new" blog, I haven't been getting the pop-up on my "old" blog. Now that I know you got it today, at least I'm glad I didn't change for nothing. Hope it never happens again!! :) thanks for joining me :)

    Great job on your 10K!