Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Monday, April 29, 2013

I'm Back

It has been almost a year since I last posted.
Why was I gone: I was busy, and felt unmotivated and really felt like I had nothing to write. Being a person that doesn't like quitting - I didn't officially stop blogging, instead I simply dropped out.
Why do I want to start blogging again: I am still busy and actually have a huge work project going on right now, but I do feel more motivated and I recognize the benefits of putting thoughts on paper and/or screen. As I have always said, I blog for myself.
What have I been doing: Running, Biking, fishing vacation, skiing vacation, sailing vacation, working - simply put - I have been living.
Running Races I have completed
WI Marathon - 1/2 version
Komen Race for the Cure - 5k
Ragnar Madison to Chicago - 200 miles (with the absolutely best group of women - EVER!)
Full Moon Run - 5k (one of my favorite runs)
Tyranena 1/2 Barrel - 1/2 marathon
Crazy Legs - 8k
2012 distance run was 870.
Bike Rides I have completed
Boys and Girls Club Ride - 50 miles
MS 150 bike ride - 150 miles
Biked to work 49 days from May - August last year for a total commute distance of 685 miles
Biked for sport for 959 miles
Biked to New Glarus Brewery 4 times, Minhas Brewery in Monroe and Tyranena Brewery in Lake Mills
Total biked milage of 1644
Vacations taken:
Fishing in Canada
Ski trip to Colorado
Sailing in the BVI's
Cancer status:
I still see my Oncologist every 6 months
August, 2013 will be 9 years since my diagnosis
I am still taking Arimidex
Lymphedema - still present in my right arm - probably a little worse now that earlier and this is probably due to my lack of care.
Family status:
#1 son - has been out of college for 3 years, loves his job and just bought his first house (just down the street from us!!!)
#2 son - transferred to UW Eau Claire last fall and is majoring in Information Systems and loving it.
Hubbie continues to work at UW Space Science and has announced he will be retiring next March!
Still wearing my trays - completed my first round in November and reinlisted for another set of 8 trays
I feel different and hope that this is a result of growth. I know there are certain aspects of myself that I would like to change - and will try to weave that into my blog.


  1. Yay, Linda's back! You've been a very busy, but very active lady! Can't wait to see you next Thursday!

  2. Rachel - I am looking forward to catching up at next weeks Full Moon Run! ;-)