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Sunday, March 30, 2014

A coffee . . .

. . . break! The wonderful spring weather that we are experiencing this weekend somehow feels like a pause, a short coffee break. While I would love to think it is going to continue, this long, brutal winter has taught me to have modest expectations for spring. But with the spring temp's this weekend, the goal is to get out there and enjoy it! Or enjoy it in the house, since the sun is starting to shine through my kitchen windows!

Early morning run with Sophie, followed by a Pilates 1 hour super stretch class. We stretched just about everything, including hands and fingers!

Home again, brought both of us outside. Todd cleaned the garage floor with the hose and I raked some of our front flower beds. I know there is still snow on the ground but the tulips and jonquil's are poking up and I know they would they appreciat getting the heavy wet leaves cleared away.

At 2:30 I headed out for a meet up at a local bicycle store for a women's bike ride. Easy ride around Lake Monona on a 45 degree day sounded great. Afterwards a few of us stopped for beer and some food. (Yup, that is me with my bike backwards!!!)

Sunday was supposed to be 60 degrees, with 20+ mph winds. A few of us had joined the local Trek bicycle club and this morning was an impromptu first ride. We met at Trek West and headed out this morning for a 20 mile ride. The ride didn't quite go as planned but it was still good great. My fried and I actually turned around and only did 10 miles. We had dropped a friend and waited for her, but after 5+ minutes and she didn't show up, we decided to turn around and make sure she was OK. As it turned out, we stopped at Barriques, a local coffee shop and called her. She had turned around and was glad to head over for some coffee.

10+ windy hilly miles earned us a coffee stop! Lesson learned, have a plan ahead of time, if some one gets dropped from a group ride. And we realized we NEED to bike on the west side of Madison more frequently, since there are WAY more hills on that side of town!

When I got home Todd was working on his bike. So with a little prodding we headed out in the afternoon and did the Lake Monona loop, 13 miles.

3 bike rides over the last weekend in March feels like a pretty good accomplishment.

Here is Lake Monona, still covered in ice, but not for long!

Enjoy the moments! Both warm and cold!

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