Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Running in freezing temps

It has been pretty cold here lately. I can't believe I was complaining about 20 degree temps about a month ago. It was 4 degrees when I left the house this morning. I was actually quite comfy. My head/hair was wet when I got home from my 4 mile run. Two miles with my dog, Sophie and two miles without her. I run around our neighborhood, which is exactly a 2 mile loop - so I simply dropped off the dog and ran the loop a second time.

Many of the bloggers that I follow are from much warmer climates. Like so many things in life (philosophical moment . . . not really somewhere I go very often) I believe it is all relative. Some people run in hot humid weather - some people run in frigid temps - some of us get a little of both. But in any case our bodies are amazing instruments and adapt quite well.

Our weather forecast is for snow, which should be starting tonight and continuing until tomorrow evening. We are suppose to get 5 inches of snow - so there will likely be in a couple of inches on the ground for tomorrows run. The good news is that the temps are suppose to be in the mid-teens.

On a RESOLUTION note: I have signed up to take the Tall Mom challenge and run 1000+++ miles this year. I am pretty excited - it always helps to keep the motivation going.

Stay warm


  1. Yep, we are -11 this am. And that's not even in the mountains. Good thing you left CO when you did!

  2. My goal is 1000 miles too this year! I am one of those people that does not do the cold weather!!

  3. Thanks. That was encouraging...considering I am from Québec, Canada...winter weather can be pretty brutal and I don't want to run inside all winter. Tomorrow, I plan on an outdoor run...hope it's not too snowy and cold. Good luck on the 1000 miles!

  4. Hey Linda - I am soo far behind in reading blogs! Sorry, but I wanted to tell you...You Won!! Send me your email so I can get you the details of how to get your great One More Mile gear!! shellyrm at yahoo (dot) com