Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Results and race report from Tall Mom Virtual Race for the Cure

It was a really nice day for the run. I slept late - had coffee and a slice of toast - commented on some blogs and then decided to head out. It was wonderful that the race director waited until I was ready to start the race. ;-) If only all races were so convenient.

Here is a picture of Sophie and I just before the start. I had a 10k loop mapped out from last year. It worked out perfect.

I did the 2 mile loop with my dog - dropped her off at the house - dropped off jacket - picked up water and headed back out the door for the other 4.2 miles and ended back within two houses of my house at 6.2. Thanks to the Garmin.

Temperature was 40 and overcast skies. Little to no wind to speak of.

And here are my stats:
Mile 1 - 9:07
Mile 2 - 9:12
Mile 3 - 9:24
Mile 4 - 9:59
Mile 5 - 9:49
Mile 6 - 9:26
Mile .2 - 1.53
Average Pace: 9:28
Distance: 6.21
Time: 58:49

The crowd (comprised of my husband and my dog Sophie) were there when I finished. Sophie was especially happy to see me.

I didn't have a 10:00 minute mile - I am so happy about that. I know - I know - I was really close with mile 4 at 8:59.

Not the fastest 10K - but pretty good for me. AND I HAD A GREAT TIME.

Here are pic's of my Garmin time and distance.

Big THANKS to Mel at Tall Mom for sponsoring this race. Just what I needed.

And one final picture - this is from my first Race for the Cure - May 2005 - My hair was just coming back in.


  1. awesome recap, love how you ran part of it with your dog. I ran the virtual race today too!

  2. Great job... and great race.

  3. yeah -- good for you!!! you look so cute in your photos, too! great job

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Congrats on the great time for Tall Mom's race.

  5. Congrats on a great run!!! :)

  6. Great run! I am sure it had a lot of meaning for you. You are an inspiration!

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  8. Well done, friend! Looks like a spectacular race day!! And what a welcoming crowd at the finish line.. love that! You've come so far since your May 2005 Race for the Cure, it seems. Congrats and God Bless.

    I DO hope you'll seriously consider coming to FL in November for the Women's Half Mary.. would love to meet you, run with you, and give you a big hug from the Orlando Turtle! :-)

    HUGS from Orlando!

  9. You ROCK!! thank you for participating and for having so much fun with it. Amazing to see the progress you have made. you are the reason I am doing this!!

  10. Great job!! Love your recap. :)

  11. you're too cute! I saw your title from Run Faster Mommy's blog and had to check you out. nice job on the run. I'd love to see a link or button here that shared why your blog is titled momrunningfromcancer. I think a lot of ps would find that intruiging/inspiring.
    again, nice job!