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Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Biking to work - water, peacocks and mansions . . . oh my!!

I biked to work on Tuesday.  It was a beautiful day - 50's when I biked in to work in the morning and mid 70's when I biked home . . . but windy.  15 miles round trip.  I took some pictures on the way home - so it took me a little while longer.  My foot didn't hurt biking - it was great and really got me in the biking mood. 

Here is my collection of photos from my bike home.  I love the route that I take.   I see everything from geese in the park, a dog park, the middle school and grade school that my son's attended,   the Governors Mansion, really beautiful lake front homes in Maple Bluff, the Tenney Park locks and lagoon, Lake Mendota,  lots of people fishing, peacocks, smoke stacks and the State Capital building.   

The first pic is the bike path.  This is only a few blocks from my office and somehow there is no one in the shot.  In the morning and afternoon the path is like a biking / running / walking highway. 

This is the bike path looking towards downtown.   You can see the see the top of the capital (I should have gotten a nice shot of that) over the stacks of MGE (that is a power plant that my company owns)

          I love this signage . . . Bicycle Boulevard.  


To the left is a warehouse / office space that the bike trail is near.  Notice the two really huge birds made out of metal in front of the building.  Peacocks - I think.   And a collection of birds along the bike path.


This is just before I take the tunnel under East Washington Avenue . . . which I would be driving on NOT under if I had taken my car.  But down near the water it is so peaceful and lovely. 

This is a picture of the Tenney Park Lock system and Lake Mendota.  Downtown Madison is built on an isthmus - between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona.  Lake Mendota is approximately 5 feet higher than Lake Monona and the Tenney Park Locks controls the flow of water and allows boats to cross between the Lakes via the Yahara River.                                                 

This is the Governor's Mansion in Maple Bluff - I don't normally ride past this - but it is only 1/2 a block off my path so I thought I would stop by and take a picture.  

Little tid-bit of info.  I was invited to the Gov's Mansion for a bridal shower years ago.  I was invited by the Governor's daughter - she was hosting a shower for a mutual friend.  I certainly felt pretty special when I had to be allowed to enter the gate. 

The Mansion is on the shores of Lake Mendota.  This is the lake that we boat and jet ski on during the summer months.  We often drive by the Governor's mansion . . . just to check out the activity.  ;-)

I felt sort of guilty stopping and taking this picture.  It is a personal home on Lake Mendota and I always check it out when I bike by.  I dont' have a telephoto lens . . . actually these pictures were from my cell phone.  Anyway,  this home is located in Maple Bluff and is on the Lake.  From the windows that you see on the front of the house you can see all the way through to the Lake.  I can only guess how beautiful this home is on the inside.  We also see this home from the Lake when we are boating and it is beautiful.   

Beyond Maple Bluff - it is up a really big hill and down again to my home.  

I will not be biking the next couple of days - I have to be at work for 8:00 meetings . . . which means I would need to leave before 7:00 . . . not going to happen.  
That is the only problem of biking.  I have to leave earlier in the morning and although I am a morning person - I just don't get out of the house early.  

Have a great day.


  1. What a beautiful path to work! I love the bird sculptures! And it's so cool you got to go to that bridal shower.

    I wish I could bike to work. I am sure it would be a hassle on sometimes, but make me feel great on most others!

  2. What a beautiful route you get to travel. And, yay that the biking didn't hurt your foot!

  3. We need more bike boulevards! What a great way to get to work. And biking is a good cross training for running when you are ready to start pound the pavement.

  4. Great pictures. I recognize some of those places but not others. I'm definitely a west-sider! I'm a few days late, but congrats to Joe on his graduation and an upcoming congrats to Charlie on his.

  5. Oh, such beautiful pictures. What a great bike path! I have the same problem getting to work earlier...just doesn't happen.