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Monday, May 17, 2010


I went geocaching for the first time on Saturday. We were in Lake Mills to purchase some metering device that my son had found on Craig's list. We brought the dogs and had a fun time. We did three geocaches at parks in Lake Mills and then did the final one at Token Creek Conservancy, which is near out home.
If you don't know, geocaching is a treasure hunt, using GPS navigation. Individuals hide a container that includes a little notebook, so you can sign in and various other trinkets. You can take something out of the box and replace it with something else. Some of the items we found included bead bracelets, McDonald's toys, pencils, playing cards and play money. The containers that we found, were ammo containers and tubes - but also include tuperware type plastic containers.

The GPS coordinates are provided and then you go hunting. The cache might be hidden under fallen trees, under bricks, or other places that make you "search" the area. The simplicity of this, is that generally you wouldn't necessarily ever go to these parks or area's without a reason. So you get out in nature and have some fun.

Our first geocache, was in a playground area at a park, over looking the Lake. It was pretty easy to find . . . but for the first one, that was OK. Our next two, which were located at two different parks, took a little more time to find, but we got to enjoy a peaceful walk through the woods to find them. At one of the parks, there was a old fashion, water pump . . . that worked.

The last cache was at Token Creek. This was beautiful. The cache was very close to were we parked, but we took the time to wonder around the creek. It is a spring feed creek, so there were many, many pools of water coming from the hill side and bubbling up from the ground.

It was really fun. It was really nice because our dogs got to come to all but the last location. As you can see they enjoyed getting out of the car and romping though the dandelion's.

On a running / exercise front:

I have added a little more running to my morning dog walks. On Sunday I ran more than a mile of the two mile path. Foot feels pretty good and I am going to continue to gradually increase my running but also taking days off - where I just walk. I have been doing the Jillian DVD - on and off - but even if I don't do the dvd - I do a couple sets of push ups, some crunches and some arm exercises with weights. So I am pretty happy.

Oldest son moved home from college on Friday - so it was a busy weekend.



  1. I love gecaching! It is so fun. We have our own travel bugs. It is so fun to see where they go. I hope with the new house we are able to get to some new locations.

    Congrats on son getting back in the house for the summer. You sure have been busy!

  2. That sounds like so much fun :)
    Beautiful pics!

    Glad your foot is slowly improving.

  3. I had never heard of geocaching. Thanks for teaching me. My kids would love it!! Bet the dogs loved it too.

  4. Glad to hear that the foot is feeling better! Love the pictures. I had not heard of geocaching before ;)

  5. We haven't done geocaching in a couple of years (I don't know why) but it is total fun. There are also 'virtual caches' in National Parks where you are not allowed to hide real ones. So you find the place and take a picture with your GPS showing the right coordinates and that is your proof of finding the cache.
    Kids just love finding caches and there is no hike or a bike ride too hard when finding treasure is involved.
    I loved tracing tokens, seeing where the token I found and then hid in another cache ended up. One made it all the way from AZ to RI. FUN!