Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beautiful morning

Ran 6 miles this morning - average pace 9:42.  

It was beautiful!  Temp's were close to 70.  The leaves are changing colors.  It felt like Summer was trying to hold on for just one more day - but the weather reports are for much cooler temp's coming in this evening.  

This just might be the last morning that I get to run in 70 degree temp's for quite awhile and I enjoyed every single step.  ;-)

Hope you all have a great day.



  1. I love fall with its warm colors too. Our weather forecast calls for rising temps though. Sunday is supposed to be in the 90's. There is something wrong with that picture.

  2. sounds lovely

    still in the 90s here....hope fall comes soon

  3. Ahhhh I wish :)

    Sounds like the perfect end of summer run!

  4. sounds fantastic! Just found your site, love it!

  5. Good job on the 6 miler! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend!