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Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Day in the Life

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Beth at Shut up and Run - here - challenged people to describe a Day in their Life.  
OK - here goes . . . . a synopsis of Thursday! 

5:45 - alarm goes off
hit snooze
6:00 - up and out of bed - go pee ;-)
grab shorts and long sleeve shirt, bra and socks 
walk downstairs to let the dog out - she is still laying in bed
meanwhile let Oscar the cat outside
call for Sophie - finally she comes downstairs
let Sophie - outside - watch her circle and circle . . . finally!
grab my running shoes and gloves on my way back upstairs
feed Sophie
head out the front door for our run
2 miles with Sophie
6:50 - back at the front door - Oscar is waiting - let him in
grab nail clipper and a couple of treats 
take Sophie out to the front porch and trim her nails - no bleeding 
pick out clothes for work - shower - blow dry hair - put on makeup
Grab lunch and head to work 
7:55 - get it car - see that my tire pressure light is on - shit! - it was on yesterday and I should have taken care of it - but forgot
8:10 - get to the office - walk up to the 5th floor - get to my office - call the car place that is 4 blocks away 
8:15 - check and answer some email - open some interoffice mail - check status of monthly closing for work and then decide it is time to get my car to the shop.8:45 - take car into to the car repair place for oil change and tire fix
9:00 - back to work - walk up to the 5th floor - check on STUFF - that is what I do - check on stuff!
9:30 - staff in my office - problems - problems 
10:00 - resolve problems
11:00 - attend budget meeting
11:35 - back to desk - make a couple of calls
12:30 - eat my lunch (leftover penne pasta with marinara sauce)
12:35 - get a call from the car shop - tire had a small leak - they will fix it and it should be ready at 5:00
12:45 - post my 100th post to my blog from my smart phone!
12:56 - need to pee - but no time - hold it
1:00 - attend a Business Resumption Planning meeting - walk back to the 5th floor 
2:00 - do some work
2:15 - remember that I have to pee - head to the bathroom
2:20 - back to my office
2:45 - go to to my boss's office - need is signature on a contract - he isn't there - walk back to my office
2:50 - call my boss and leave a message
2:51 - check in with staff - how is it going? 
3:00 - work - start reviewing the financial reports for the month of August.  
3:30 - boss calls and says that I should stop up at 4:00 - continue to work
4:00 - head back up to his office on 6th floor - he is on the phone - I chat with his assistant for a few minutes - her sister is doing the Wisconsin Iron man on Sunday - as we chat I look out at Lake Monona and I can see several people swimming - getting ready for the Iron man on Sunday  - then he pauses his call and says that he will stop down and see me
4:05 - back to work
4:30 - boss stops in - we discuss some issues
4:50 - phone rings - I ignore.  Scott, one of my staff comes to my office - I realize that the phone call was probably from Scott.  I have some files (financial statements) open and he needs me to close out of them so that they can be updated.  My staff sends out emails to warn people to close out of files - but they often have to come to my office and tell me to close out of the file    ;-)5:05 - boss leaves - I continue working
5:45 - suddenly I remember - Oh shit - I have to go pick up my car. Shut down computer - grab purse and walk to the car repair shop.  A couple of years ago - I forgot to pick up my car.  I worked late ( as I often do) and at 7 ish I went to leave and then realized that my car was at the shop.  I had to call my husband - he came and brought me another key and I went over and picked up my car.  I stopped in to pay - first thing the next morning.  
6:05 - head home - stopping to pick up our bi-weekly CSA vegies.  It was a good week of vegies - acorn squash - new potatoes - Yukon potatoes - beets - arugula - tomatoes - green peppers - onions - brussel sprouts.  
6:25 - arrive home
husband asks - what's for dinner - we don't have anything to eat
head to the freezer - pull out tilapia - defrost it - in the mean time I slice some new potatoes, onions, leeks and green peppers and tomatoes (from CSA). Blacken fish and put my potato concoction on the stove with a little olive oil. Bake the fish.  Dinner is fish and vegie mixture.  All the food is gone - must have been good.   ;-)
Clean up dishes (soak pan in sink)
7:30 - open Mac - check out email - respond : check out facebook - post : check out blog world - post : look at ETSY
9:30 - Head to bed


  1. What a busy day!! Had to laugh about you forgetting you had to pee until an hour later - that happens to me all the time, too! :-)

  2. Your day sounds just as crazy as mine! This was a great post and very entertaining!

  3. man you pack a lot in!! And how amazing that you still whip together a healthy meal after getting home at 6:25 pm!!

  4. Wow - I'm tired just reading about your day!