Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Saturday, January 22, 2011

NO Freeze For Food For Me

I was planning on running in a local 10k this afternoon.  I held out the possibility that I might NOT run - if it was too cold.  Well, even though it was a reasonable temp - I didn't run.  As the saying goes "You regret NOT running - but you NEVER regret running!"  Well I regret not running AND it was rubbed in during the local news broadcast this evening, which had a little video clip and a segment about the run.

So now - why didn't I run?  I could come up with a lot of excuses but have 3 primary reasons.     

It was 10 degrees and with the 10 mile hour winds the wind chill was below zero - but it was pretty sunny.

We signed up Sophie (our golden ret) for a doggie training class and today was the first day.  We were home in time, but I would have had to immediately get changed and leave for the race. 

I just spent $100 on a facial exfoliation on Thursday.  Today is the day that my face usually starts peeling (if you have never had an exfoliation - this is serious peeling).  As I am writing this the peeling hasn't quite started, but my face feels extremely tight and is extremely dry.  The last time I had this done I went for a run and of course sweat formed on my face.  I noticed that my face felt odd.  Well I was quite surprised (horrified) when I got home and looked in the mirror.  The sweat formed on my skin, but it was underneath the surface skin, that was ready to peel and looked like blisters.  It was a mess. 

Because of that I was a little hesitant to run - although it was cold - would I still sweat?  Would the same thing happen to my face? 

Well there you have it - 3 excuses why I didn't run today.  But no matter what the reason - I still regret NOT running.  

Thankfully I have the bike trainer. 

I was hoping to run a race during every month of the year.  There aren't a lot of runs during January in Wisconsin - so I either need to find another run - or run a virtual race.  I'll have to see what I come up with - I still have next weekend.

I ran two mornings this past week and road the bike trainer two mornings.  To be honest I am taking it pretty easy.  Since I am really busy at work and don't usually get home until 7pm - I am NOT stressing out not getting many miles on the road.  There is plenty of the year left.  It actually feels OK to relax, recharge, and refocus because I KNOW I will get the miles in and because I KNOW I LOVE to run.

Big game tomorrow - Packers vs da bears - here's to a Packer victory!  Go Pack Go! 


  1. Relaxing is totally OK :)

    I just noticed your Dailymile widget and so I friend requested you :)

  2. I totally don't blame you for not running yesterday. Your race fee went to a good cause whether you were there or not. Soon enough the weather will be so nice we'll all want to be outside, but I think it's normal for January to be a relaxing inside time.