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Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Miles Miles Everywere!

I need to simplify how I track my miles.

For some reason this year I have too many different places to track my miles!

  1. Spreadsheet
  2. Garmin Uploads
  3. Daily Mile
  4. Ticker Updates

I need to simplify this update process.  I just started using Daily Mile and "think" that I like it - but I haven't included all my runs and the total includes my bike rides - so the number there doesn't tie to the ticker, which currently doesn't tie to the spreadsheet, which doesn't tie to the Garmin (but that is because I don't always wear my garmin).

I need to get them all updated and then either establish a process to update them weekly or ditch one of them.

Which one is currently closest to being accurate?

January Race - The Green Bay Packers are in the Super Bowl - Quarter Marathon!

Just got back from a beautiful run with Sophie.  She did the entire 6.6 miles (quarter marathon) with me.  The temp's were great, 32 with low winds.  I ended up taking my little Lucy jacket off and just running in my long sleeve tech shirt, hat, pants and tucked my gloves away.  Stayed pretty comfy.

I had wanted to run a race every month but missed my opportunity in January (there aren't a lot of races around here in January), so I made up my own Quarter Marathon race and Sophie and I ran together.  While it was a pretty slow overall pace, 1hr 6 min  - 10:04 average pace - I am OK with that - I just enjoyed being outside in such nice temp's!   ;-)


  1. I like your idea for a quarter marathon race! :0)
    I'm not sure which one would be the best! I use runkeeper on my iphone but I don't bike so that's a tough one!

  2. Want even more places to keep your log? :-)
    RunningAhead.com - Garmin uploads or map drawing, or just simple entry. You can categorize your runs or enter other workouts. Great running community too.
    SportsTrack - you don't even need a web access to use this one.

  3. I just use my Garmin and a spreadsheet to record my miles. I have heard that the Daily Mile is good too but I totally understand you wanting to simplify things:)

    It was actually pretty nice here for the past few days. Yesterday I went on a six mile too. Today I am supposed to run a longer run....keeping fingers crossed that it will be a good one:)

    Take care! Hugs!

  4. I use the Runner's World log mostly because I have for so long. It's not absolutely accurate, but I consider it my "official" running record.

  5. I'm so glad that you got out there and had a great run with Sophie. I've had times where I've logged in several places. Sometimes it's hard to find one that gives me everything I want. Garmin Connect has been working for me lately. It is easy to run reports but I will switch to Training Peaks (or do both) when I start training for my half iron.