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Monday, January 10, 2011

Race plans for 2011

Here are my plans for 2011 - at least at this point.  

I liked Kerri's goal, of Running for (My) LifeHERE  -  (I couldn't find the post where she made this comment) of running a race every month of the year.  Thanks for the great idea Kerri - hope to see you at some of these.

Running Events
Freeze for Food 5k - January 22
Valentine's Day 5k - February 12
Shamrock Shuffle 10k - March 13
Black Earth Road Race 10 miler - April 2
Lake Monona 20k - May 7
Madison Marathon 1/2 marathon - May 29
Komen Race for the Cure 5k - June 4
Wannafest 10 miler - July 30
Madison Mini Marathon - August 20
Zoo Run Run 10k - September 25
Haunted Hustle 1/2 marathon - October 29
Turkey Trot 5k - November 6
Berbee Derby 10k - November 24
Jingle Bell run 10K - December 10

Biking Events
(I need to find a couple more biking events - but for now these are making my list.)  
Bike New York 42 miles - May 1  (a group of us are planning on driving to NY to bike in this event)
Boys and Girls Club Ride 50 miles - July 16
MS 150 bike ride 2 day 75 miles each day - August 6 & 7

Duathlon - FIRST TIME
This is the only one (at this time) that looks like it will fit into my schedule - but will keep my eyes open for others.  
Norski Duathlon - June 11

Scheduling Problems/Decisions -
APRIL:  I have run the Crazy Legs run - a local race supporting UW athletics - for a number of years.  Last year I couldn't run because I had the stress fracture - this year I won't be able to run it again because we will be in New York City, participating in the Ride New York event.  So I had to find another race.  Black Earth Road Race, I think Jamie at Running Diva Mom, HERE, ran this last year. So far it is really the only other April race that works for me.

MAY:  I can't decide whether to run the 20k around Lake Monona or the Madison Marathon 1/2.  I will leave both of them on the schedule - but doubt I will do both.  I will look to the advice of Chelsea, of Early Runner, HERE, because she did both of these last year.


  1. Looks like a very busy racing year for you. You do realize that you will have to write reports after every one of those races for us to read?

  2. very cool! we'll definitely see each other at some of these.
    i'm excited about crazy legs, although the black earth sounds cool. also, the Syttende Mai sounds look a good one.
    so many options!
    thanks for taking on the challenge with me. =)

  3. looks GREAT! have fun!!! You have lots to look forward to, that's for sure!

  4. Also, I tagged you in a post today.

  5. You've got a great schedule! Nice to get a wide variety of events. Madison is a beautiful plance to do all of those things- it's wonderful to have the opportunity to run, bike and swim there. Looks like fun!

  6. hope to see you at the black earth race! It's a nice, cheap race and a great out and back course -- although it was SUPER windy last year and the turnaround sucked!