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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Battle of the Bays!

Tomorrow my family will be traveling to Titletown, USA -

home of the Superbowl Champion football team 
my team and your team


They are playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and we have 4 tickets.  YAHOO!

the chant . . .  Go Pack Go 

has been going through my head all day.  

Tomorrow we will be at Lambeau Field cheering on our TEAM!

Go Pack Go!

I have been rounding up Packer Gear.

My outfit will include my
Packer turtleneck
Packer earrings
Packer socks
Packer Hat to keep my ears warm
little Packer bag to carry hand warmers
my Reggie White jersey - #92

Cleo - will not be attending the game but wanted to check out my Packer gear!

Go Pack Go!



  1. It would have been a great game to be at. I am so glad you got to go and see us go to 10-0. Woo hoo!

    Your kitty is so cute too. :)

  2. Oh my, what a game to see!!! It wasn't on the TV here so I had to watch on-line and hope for highlights. GO PACKERS!!!