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Saturday, November 19, 2011

I could get use to this!

I was in Miami for a four days at work conference.  I stayed at the Epic Hotel.  Corporate conferences usually get a "corporate rate" on a certain number of rooms.  As long as you commit to the conference "in time" you get a room at a the hotel at a group rate.  Well - based on tons of work projects going on, I didn't decide to attend this conference until about 3 weeks ago.  By that time all of the group rate rooms were gone.  The travel department at my company checked surrounding hotels - but were not able to find much lower rates, so they booked me into an available room at the conference hotel.  I didn't really know that it would be any different than the reserved rooms - simply more expensive.  Well much to my surprise when I entered my room and discovered it was a suite and it also gave me access to "club level" perks. . . . I didn't even want to attend the conference.

I don't think I can describe just how nice my room and the extras were . . . but let me try.

Separate Living room w/ couch, chair and lovely view
King size bed with floor to ceiling wrap around windows
Bathroom with separate jacuzzi tub and walk in rain shower

Patio with river view

View of Miami river from my patio
Access to the club level lounge.

This pic is of the Centrust building from the club level patio.  They offer complimentary food and drinks through out the day - accessible to "club level" guests only.  It was wonderful to sit out on the patio, enjoying some spring rolls and other assorted appetizers and a glass of wine.  Tonight I decided to venture up to the club lounge to check it out.  I am sitting outside on a beautiful patio, overlooking the city.

Beth, at Shut up and Run - HERE , posted today about going crazy while attending a day long conference - eating crappy food and not doing anything.  I so agree.  It is dangerous attending conferences - buffet breakfasts with sweet rolls, bacon, eggs, etc.  Lunch with way too many choices and dessert - really - who needs dessert at lunch!!!.  Snacks in the morning and afternoon - cookies, soda, chips and coffee . . . which I drank too much of to stay alert and warm!  Why or why do they keep meeting rooms so cold . . .  I am never cold . . . but froze in the meeting rooms (as did everyone else).  Back to food:  Evening receptions, with drinks, shrimp, crab cakes, sliced tenderloin, and too much other stuff to even mention.  I go into the conference with a watchful eye on my food intake.  While it would be nice to eat - eat - eat . . . I work extra hard to avoid the snacks, eat lightly at breakfast, lunch and dinner, skip desserts (really who needs cheese cake at lunch or 3:00 in the afternoon) and exercise.  I got up at 5:30 figuring that I could head outside for a run - but forgot to factor in that the sun didn't rise in Miami until 6:40 - pretty much the same time as Madison.  I thought it would rise earlier!  So instead of heading out the door before 6, I headed down to the treadmill - got in about 3 miles and then headed outside for another 2.5 mile loop around Brickell Key and the hotel.  
Wednesday morning - I ran in the morning and the temperature was 75.  Thursday morning - I ran in Madison and the temperature was 22.  Quite the difference.
Glad to be home - but I would have liked to stay a couple more days in the hotel and take advantage of the extras  ;-)

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