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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Turkey Trot 5miler

I ran the local Turkey Trot this morning.  Last year I did the 5k and this morning decided to do the 5mile run.  Temp's were perfect - but it was a little windy.  But I felt great and had a good time.  No pic's.  I headed down to the park at about 8:30 to register this morning, got my bib and then returned home.  The park is about 5 minutes from my house and the 5k started at 10:00, while the 5mile run started at 11:00.

I was doodling around and lost track of time . . . then I realized is was 10:40, still had to gather my handheld, fill it up, and grab my ipod.  Headed out the door and got in the car and my watch read 10:48.  Drove down the street about 3 blocks - realized that I forgot my bib - turned around - ran into the house - grabbed my bib - found pins - pinned it on and was off again.  Clock now read 10:50.  As I drove I unzipped my warm up pants, so they would be ready to pull off - when I got to the stop light at 10:54 and realized it had just turned red, I figured I had time to put the car in park and took my pants off and threw them into my bag and gathered everything else up and through it in.  Light turned green - turned into the park - grabbed my bag - headed to the shelter to drop my bag - jogged to the start - arrived with 2 minutes to spare!  OK - that is cutting it a little too close for my comfort.

The run is a cross county path so I have to watch the ground the entire run, since there are twigs, tree roots and uneven footing.  Last year I actually placed 2nd in the 5k in my age - not so lucky this year - I checked the board and I was 6th in my age group - 48:44.  Although I felt great running - my time was not so great!
Oh well - it was still a fun run and I had a good time.
My lap times are as follows:
     1 - 9:24
     2 - 9:34
     3 - 10:06
     4 - 10:20
     5 - 9:20
for an average pace of 9:48.

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  1. I have days like that when I'm trying to leave the house to go to work. I get half way down the road and... ooops, I don't have my bike helmet, etc. I wouldn't worry too much about your time. Cross country races are way harder than the road.