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Monday, July 29, 2013

A B day!

Weird Day or What?
I got stung by a bee this morning. I was running down the street and all of a sudden, something flew in my nose. I immediately got it out - but not before it stung me. . . In the nose! Who has that happen to them?
With my huge work project winding down I am able to start using some of my vacation and decided that I would take this afternoon off. It was beautiful and I wanted to get a 40 mile bike ride in on my road bike prior to the MS 150 bike ride this week end. Back to back days of biking 75 miles a day is a daunting task.
A chance meeting - I was biking on the Southwest path, heading out to the Capital City loop and passed a man and women biking. As soon as I said "on your left" and passed them I knew who they were. In addition to running blogs, I also follow a couple of other blogs regularly.
One of those blogs is Althouse, http://althouse.blogspot.com/ - Ann Althouse blogs about the law, politics, happenings on a local and national level, and many other eclectic topics. I have followed her for years and really enjoy her writing. Ann is a professor at the UW and lives in Madison. Her blog is addictive. Anyway, I recognized Ann and her husband, Meade. I biked ahead and stopped at an intersection, waited for them and then introduced myself. I was giddy! We chatted for about 10 minutes. It was great.
I left them with a story about how on my morning run a bee had stung me in my nose. Seriously, who talks to people that you just met . . . about your nose!
Two Bee - as I biked away, I felt the sudden burning of a bee sting. Sure enough, a bee had flown down my shirt and stung my chest!
What a day! But the view of the Downtown and the Capitol was breathtaking . . .

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  1. What?! Two stings! LOL! Those are stories I would tell people I ran in to as well. On your nose! Ouch!