Why am I Running from Cancer?

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Coffee on the patio

Since May I have been attempting to enjoy a cup of coffee outside every morning. So far I would consider this routine a success. Most every morning after I clean the litter boxes, feed the cats and dog, run or walk with Sophie and return home I have been enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of iced coffee on the patio or screen porch. I don't always finish it - but at least the first few sips are enjoyed outside!
So on this unseasonably cool mid summer morning, where the current temp is 52 with a brisk 12 mph breeze out of the NW, my cup of coffee is a welcome warm comfort after my 4 mile run with Sophie.
Clearly these temp's are not normal and the heat and humidity and mosquitoes will return - but for now it is an enjoyable break. (Sophie is also enjoying the temp's, but not the coffee!)
My current view. :-)
Enjoy the day and cool temp's.

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