Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

First time

Do you ever get that feeling that you forgot something?

I got up this morning and took Sophie for a run.  About 2 blocks away from our house, I realized that something felt different.  A couple of days ago I got stung two times by bees.  Once in the morning while out running in my nose and in the afternoon while biking one flew down my shirt and stung me on the chest.  This morning there was something different about the way the bee sting on my chest felt. It was being gently rubbed / scratched while I ran!  This led me to realize that I had forgotten to put in my breast prosthesis.  Never have I forgotten to put in my prosthesis in the nine years that I have had a mastectomy.  So then the decision was - do I turn around and go back home or proceed.  I figured - what the hell and proceeded.  I ran into 3 people and honestly I am sure they were NOT looking at my lopsided chest!  And if they were, it probably provided them with something interesting to think about on their run!

So here is a pic of me without my prosthesis in - not very obvious - it probably helped that I was wearing black this morning.


  1. Did you feel more comfortable running without it? Does it just sit in your bra?

    (sorry if this is rude to ask! I am super curious!)

  2. No problem Kim - great questions! I think I will add a blog post about this - but to answer your questions here: I like to wear it when I am out in public. I am quite self conscience if I don't have it in. Probably shouldn't be - but I am. I have several forms and they simply fit inside my cup, or if the bra is specifically for a mastectomy - then there are pockets within the bra cup. I have a funny story about one of my forms - and will include that in the post! Short story - a friend thought it was a body scrubie and used it in the shower. !