Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Another Sunday . . .

. . . actually another beautiful Sunday. I just can not get over the beautiful weather we are experiencing in WI! We have had week after week of beautiful fall weather. Sunny days, more than I remember in Octobers past!

EXERCISE: I took advantage of the warm temp's and biked to work on Monday. I took Friday off and Todd and I biked to New Glarus on the Badger State and Sugar River Trail. I attended my first of 4 Yoga For Runners classes and a early morning Pilates class. I also managed to run 2 miles on Monday, 5 miles on Wednesday and am trying to get 12 miles in today. After today's final run, I will have 7.5 hrs of exercise for the week?

This morning while I was running - around 4.5 miles - I got a text from my friend Trix (normally a biking buddy) - but this morning she was signed up for Gilda's 5k run - she was wondering if I was doing the run? I called her back, because it is far easier to run and talk than run and text - When does it start? 11:00 - Sure. I had time to head home, grab my keys, explain to Todd, I am going to run a race with Trix and off I went. I got there about 10:20, registered and met up with Trix. This was her first 5k with a timing chip and she wanted to run the whole thing! No problem - she did great! We finished at 33:13.

So after this mornings run of 5 miles and the 3.1 mile race I have a total of 8 miles in and 4 more to go. As soon as the Packer game is done - I will be heading back out for 4 more miles. Strange way to get 12 miles in - but 12 miles will still be run today. (UPDATE: I finished 4.5 miles after the Packers win for a total of 12 1/2 miles)

As I mentioned above, I took Friday off and Todd and I biked to New Glarus. We stopped at Maple Leaf Cheese and Chocolate store for Fudge and then stopped at Fat Cat Coffee Works, where I enjoyed a latte and we ordered sandwiches to take to the brewery to enjoy with our beer.

When we got to the brewery - and were selecting our beer - the bartender took one look at us, "oh, it's you two again, how was your bike ride?" They know us! :-) I selected a Staghorn and Todd chose Spotted Cow. We sat outside and enjoyed our sandwiches and beer. We have yet to see the brewery bottling, but today they were filling 1/2 barrels, so we went inside and watched that for awhile. It was then time to head back.

The day was quite windy, with a S-SW wind at 15-17. We knew we would have the wind in our face biking to New Glarus, and figured that it would be at our backs coming home. But that didn't work out. New Glarus is south west of Madison, so our return trip was headed NE, which still allowed the wind to swirl around and ended up in our face, or at our side for much of the return trip. I am usually OK with the wind - but after biking 22 miles into the wind to get there, I was counting on putting it in cruise on the return trip, instead I was complaining, so much so, that Todd said he has never heard me complain that much! Oops! Be thankful to be out biking on such a beautiful day and keep the complaints to a minimum!
Enjoy the moments!


  1. What a great weekend! I love that you signed up for the race on the spur of the moment. You're a great friend! And way to go getting 12.5 in!

    That Staghorn sounds so good. We were actually talking about how much we like that beer this weekend. mmmmm

  2. What an awesome week of exercise! I love doing random races like that! :)