Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The days . . .

. . . become a blur when you stop blogging regularly, or even semi-regularly and then try and do a recap of a couple weeks! One day becomes the next. Did I run on Tuesday or was that Wednesday? Did I do anything other than eat, sleep and work?

Well yes, I did accomplish a little more than simply eat, sleep and work during the last couple of weeks! It has been busy but that seems to be my new normal and I just need to accept that fact!

what a beautiful sight, although this is now only a distant memory

For one, I ran a 1/2 marathon, the Tyranena Half Barrel in Lake Mills. Albeit my slowest half ever at 2:16, but I still enjoyed it. I got to see Rachel and Amy, two of my teammates from our Ragnar relay team along with Sarah, Alicia and Matt, all friends of Rachels's that I have met at various runs.

Regarding my lack of speed, I need to either lower my expectations or train harder - it is as simple as that - no complaining!

After the 1/2 marathon, a few complimentary beers from Tyranena brewery and a lasagna lunch, (which is reason enough to LOVE this run) I was ready to hang out at home and relax. But late in the day we received a call from my son - Hey, do you want to go the Badger hockey game tonight? Sure - Well get ready, because we are going to go to Buffalo Wild Wings to eat before the game. So off we went to the BW3 and then to the Badger Hockey game!

On Monday, I had an old filling replaced with a temporary crown. Although dentistry has improved so much, there is still room for improvement regarding numbing your mouth before work is done. I didn't feel a thing during the procedure, but returned to work with a numb tongue and mouth that took hours to return to normal. I go back next Monday for the permanent crown. Then I am done with both my dentist and orthodontist except for regular check ups!

On Thursday morning I attended "The Home for Families Breakfast". This is an annual fundraising event for "The Road Home" agency, where I am on the board. As a new Board member, I wasn't expected to host a table, but did and was very happy that all of my invited guests were able to attend. I, like most people, don't like to ask people for money, but I approached this as a "getting the word out event" and invited people to come so that they could learn more about the work that the agency does for homeless families.

On Saturday we woke up to mild temp's but winds of 20-30mph. After doing the usual floor cleaning, dusting and vacuuming - can we ever get out of doing this weekly chore? Well after the cleaning was done, Todd and I went to the Badger football game and saw a great win over BYU. We thought briefly about biking - but since it was a 2:30 start time we would be biking home in the dark. We drove downtown and easily found parking and then walked into the wind on the way to Camp Randall. With the winds gusting to 30mph, there were times it was tough going. After the WIN, we mostly had the wind at our backs, which made a quick walk back to the car.

Today, started with church, where I played clarinet with the choir. After wasting hours watching the Packers lose to the Eagles (arggggg) we headed outside to clean the leaves off the roof and then headed to Costco. Dinner was roasted veggies and burgers.

Enjoy the moments!


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