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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thanksgiving and . . .

. . . Birthday rolled into one. In case you didn't know, Thanksgiving was the latest in November it can be, based on the 1st being a Friday this year. When this happens it means that Thanksgiving falls on my birthday, or my birthday falls on Thanksgiving, take your pick. This year marked the beginning of my 58th year. I need a few days to let the fact that I am closer to 60 than 55 sink in and will post more about that later. For some reason this seems monumentis but maybe I am making too big a deal about it!

I sadly have no pictures from my birthday or Thanksgiving. My college son came home Wednesday afternoon and my oldest son and girlfriend came over on Thanksgiving day. We had the normal turkey, stuffing, beans, corn, stuffing, rolls and apple and pumpkin pies. Nothing photogenic about that.

No Black Friday shopping for us. The day started with a 5+ mile run with Sophie and then a couple of appointments at the house. We had a furnace check up and our house contractor came to measure one door and check on molding and trim decisions. I haven't previously mentioned this, but we are having new interior doors, window trim and base molding installed. Such hard decisions, picking trim! All the books are profile pictures, yet most of the time you look straight on at the window. Anyway, deciding on the doors was pretty easy, but the window trim was really hard. It is one of those decisions, that you spend lots of time himming and hawing over, but in the end, any of the choices would be fine!

Saturday was the last home football game for the UW Badgers.Surprisingly, the weather was fine. With the last game on Nov 30, you never know what to expect. As it turned out the temp was around 40 at kick off. While it did cool off as he game progressed, it wasn't until the 4th quarter that my feet got chilly. Too bad the game didn't have a better outcome for the Badgers, losing to Penn State.

On to Sunday with pictures.

Breakfast, was the usual steel cut oats with fruit.
Todd and I spent time cutting down the perennial flower stems and summers growth, while Sophie rolled in the lawn!
Then it was off to run some errands. First stop at the dog park at Token Creek so Sophie could run!
A few groceries and essentials at Costco and Woodman's.
Tonight's dinner was Thai Red Curry Chicken, compliments of Jenna's recipes at eat, live, run blog Here. My recipe count is up to three. I haven't figured out exactly how I will keep track of used recipes or more specifically, how to record it on the blog, but will come up with something.
The curry was a smashing success! I think Todd's first response was that it tasted OK, but then I think the subtle flavors worked their magic and he started to really enjoy it, even going for a second helping! This recipe was easy to make and tasted delish. There is plenty for at least two more meals. I love the bright orange color of the curry. I served it over rice.
Enjoy the moments and curry!


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  1. The photos look great! I was just reading up on a few of your posts and had a question about your blog. I was hoping you could email me back when you get the chance, thanks!

    Emily : )