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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Black Earth 10 mile run!

Quick post - I ran the Black Earth 10 mile run today.

The Black Earth race is a local race with about 250 entrants - very low key - and only $5 entry fee.  It is an out and back course between two local communities.  We start at Black Earth head 5 miles to Cross Plains and then back to Black Earth.  The course is flat and almost due East and West.

When I arrived to pick up my ticket (pull tab - remember I said it was a small race) - I saw Kerri, from Tutu Runner, HERE - hugs and well wishes.  She was with her Team in Training friends.

I couldn't quite decide on what to wear - the temp's were 38ish with 15 mph winds - I finally settled on my capri's with a light long sleeve tech shirt and then a second short sleeve shirt over the top, light gloves and a bondi band.  I could have ditched the gloves - didn't really need them.  Oh well.  Pretty comfy for the first 5 miles - the wind was at my back - the only problem I was having was some numbness in my right foot - I was thinking I really should stop and re-tie my shoe - but eventually it disappeared.  From the facial expressions on the runners already heading back - I knew I was in for a tough second 5 miles.  Wow oh wow - there was the wind - right in my face.  I checked and the wind gusts were 20+ mph.   Yikes - there were times that it felt like I wasn't moving.

Photo courtesy of Kerri  - thanks

Here are the stat's
1 - 8:35
2 - 9:06
3 - 9:23
4 - 9:36
5 - 9:26
6 - 9:55
7 - 9:51
8 - 9:56
9 - 10:09
10 - 9:47
For total time of 1:35:57 for a avg pace of 9:34

I will do this run again - fun - close - cheap!
Enjoy the moments!


  1. Cograts on your race! That's too bad about the wind, but at least the temps were good and you still ran a great time. Yeah!

  2. Ouch, cold and windy. I can see by your splits it was tough going back.
    I like the name of the race.

  3. Whether it's biking or running, wind is not my friend! $5 entry fee? Awesome!

  4. oh that sounds fun! sometimes just those little local races can be such a breath of fresh air!

  5. Thanks for the kind words about my recent half. Your 10 miler sounds like a good time, except for the wind! Strong wind can make running so much more challenging.

  6. So sorry I missed it. Would have loved to run with you guys. The winds were like that the second half last year, too! Great job, Linda! You are getting speedy!!! Hope to meet up with ya later this month.

  7. Playing blog catch up.

    Nice job on this race. That's a great pace! Plus I always like doing local events when I can too.