Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Snow, sleet, rain, wind, thunder - you name it - we had it

First, let me contragulate all of the Boston finishers.  I loved, absolutely loved reading your race reports.  ENJOY!
Flowers are starting to sprout!
Tuesday morning I headed out the door for 4 miles with Sophie - it was a light drizzle and 30 degrees.  The light drizzle quickly switched to sleet and then snow.  Just to remind everyone - it is April 19th - normal highs for Madison should be 59 . . . not mid 30's.  Oh well that is Wisconsin.  As I have said in the past - I love winter and I love snow - but not at this time of year.  My daffodil's are out - my tulips are up and almost all of my perennials are starting to grow and yet - this is what my yard looked like on Wednesday morning.  Enough complaining about the weather.

Tuesday morning we are greeted with this!
Poor daffodils
On to running.  I needed to switch things up a bit this week, just to keep things interesting.  Since I almost always run by myself and in the morning - at times it can get a little boring.  SO on Tuesday and Wednesday I ran in the morning before work and also brought my gear and ran on the treadmill at work at lunch.  Then today it was pretty nice outside, mid 40's and I decided to ran outside at lunch.  Changing the "normal" routine helps keep me motivated.

So what do I have planned next?  This weekend I am accompanying Jamie, of Running Diva Mom, HERE on her 4th 1/2 marathon of the year.  We are meeting in the morning and will be running an out and back course.  Although she runs faster than me, she graciously slows down a little so that it is manageable for me.  THANKS Jamie!

Then the excitement shifts to biking.  Next weekend I will be traveling to New York with 4 other friends / co-workers to participate in Bike New York on May 1 -  pedaling down 42 miles of car-free streets through all five boroughs, taking in views of iconic landmarks like the Empire State building, Brooklyn Bridge, historic Harlem, and the Statue of Liberty.  I am very excited.  Major road trip - at 55 years old, I would much rather fly - but we will be driving.  Probably pulling an all-nighter - Oh my gosh - what did I get myself in to?  It will be great and I know I will have a GREAT time.  What an experience - once in a life time - for sure.  Stay tuned - I will try to blog and post a couple of pictures from the road trip and the bike ride.  

I have tomorrow off of work and am sooooo glad.  I plan to turn my alarm clock off and wake up - whenever.  I know myself and I will probably get up / or get woken up by the dog or cat around 6:30.  But just knowing that the alarm is shut off and if I want to go back to sleep - I can - is a wonderful feeling.  


  1. Oh my gosh wow! Sorry it's still so cold! Hope it warms up soon! :0)

  2. Snow this time of year is insane.
    My internal alarm clock never allows me to sleep late. I am envious of all people who can.

  3. Our weather is once again very similar...yuck!

    How cool that you are going to bike NY, that sounds amazing. I can't wait to read all about it and will definitely consider doing it some time :)

  4. Sounds like a great trip. I'd love to go back to NYC someday. Happy Easter.

  5. have an awesome trip!!