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Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Monday, March 19, 2012

Race Plans in black & white . . .

I am going to be using a slightly modified ('cause that is how I seem to do
everything) Hal Higdon's 1/2 marathon training program to get ready for a
May 27 Half marathon and the Ragnar Relay on June 8 & 9.  This should work
pretty well with the Madison marathon (1/2 version for me) two weeks before
the Ragnar Relay. . .  or at least I hope that it works pretty well.

Plan for the week:
M - Rest Day - 2 mile walk with dog    DONE
T - 2 M AM and then 7 M PM run home from work
W - 2 M
T - 1 M warm-up - 5 X 400 repeat
F - Rest Day - 2 mile walk with dog
S - 3 M
S - 6 M

We are experiencing unusually warm weather - I mean extremely unusual warm
weather this past week +.  Record highs in the 80's are getting recorded
almost every day with some evening lows in the 60's.  Our normal high for
mid March is 40 degrees.  Although I love snow and cold weather - I will
welcome this type of beautiful temperature any time of year with OPEN arms.

Because of this warm weather we spent a lot of time outdoors this weekend.
Starting with a 7 mile run on Saturday morning - raking some leaves off of
the flower beds from last fall - roto-tilled the garden, working in rich
compost into the soil - walking around the yard multiple times, just to be
outside and washing the outside furniture and screen porch!  Sunday started
with a 6 mile run - installing a hammock chair on the screen porch -
sitting on the hammock chair while enjoying a Spotted Cow beer and a 15
mile bike ride.  I have put in all of my window screens and almost every
window in the house has been open for days.  I know that others have
actually turned on their air conditioners - we won't do that - instead
turning the bedroom fans on and enjoying this little precursor of summer.
After all . . . based on the calendar - it isn't even Spring yet - don't
tell the daffodils, forsythia, magnolias, tulips or many other plants all
budding right now. 

Introducing the Ragnar Relay - A couple weeks ago eight out of the 12 members of the relay team met up in Madison for a run and dinner.  Here is a pic of the Panty Raiders
- how I got lucky enough to be included in this awesome team - who knows!!!  It is going to be a blast.  These women are great.

Me, Jen, Amy, Kim, Falon, Lisa, Amy, Rachel. Missing from the meet up were Amy, Jamie, Marcia and Kim. We have a super great team and I just know it is going to be a blast!  

Since we are in the middle of March and I have yet to commit to any races - I figured I would post them . . . helps to make me accountable.  

Black Earth 10 mile run - April 7 - this is a really small race that I
participated in last year - course is FLAT and it is an out and back - I
enjoyed the run and would like to do this again.
Crazy Legs - 8k run - April 28 - I missed this local "must" run event in
2011 because I was in New York biking and in 2010 I walked it because of a
stress fracture . . . so I must do this race this year.
Lake Monona 20k - May 5 - another local favorite, with a small glass of
beer offered around the 15k mark.  While I ran this last year, I really
struggled with the distance and would like a re-do!
Madison Marathon (running the 1/2 marathon distance) - May 27 - Although
not this exact race, but a marathon (called the MadCity Marathon) by a
previous race organizer was my one and Marathon, back in 2000 -
I love this course, right here in Madison.
Race for the Cure 5k - June 2
Ragnar Relay - Madison to Chicago - June 8 & 9

So there it is - my race plans thru June 2012.


  1. Wow! Lots of races coming up! Looks like a great way to train for Ragnar!

    My daffodils have blossomed too - I hope they stick around for a little bit! They are my favorites.

  2. Have an awesome time with Ragnar! It is such a blast. I always think training plans are guides and not set in stone so adapt them to your life and plans as needed.

  3. Looks like a great spring race calendar! One of these years I will get down to Madison for Crazylegs!