Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Monday, April 2, 2012

Knee issues

In January while skiing in Colorado I hurt my knee. Initially the ER
doctor thought that I might have torn my ACL or MCL, so my skiing ended
almost before it started. I was bummed . . . but honestly more concerned
about the impact a knee injury might have on my running. To put it into
perspective - I really love to ski, but only do that for 1 or 2 weeks out
of the year . . . I run 52 weeks out of the year and would have hated to
see a skiing injury sideline me for long.

When I got back from Colorado I when to an orthopedic Dr. through my health
provider, it was actually the same Dr. that I saw when I had a stress
fracture in my toe a couple of years ago. He assured me that I had not
torn my ACL or MCL based on moving, pulling and reviewing my leg. We did
not do an MRI, instead he sent me on my way and said to take it easy, but
that I could slowly reintroduce walking and running. I was very happy.

That injury occurred on January 15 and I have been back to running and
biking just like nothing had happened, except that my knee is now hurting.
I could always feel pressure on my left knee, but there was really no pain,
except when I would knee down or come down into a complete squatting
position, like when you are trying to find the tupperware lid that is in
the back of the bottom kitchen cabinet. Well I still can't get down into a
complete squatting position.

I liked this picture a lot better than weight lifters. I can't get into
that pose with my left knee on the ground. I can get there if my left knee
is in the upper position . . . sort of. FYI - I use to play tennis and
would love to do so again . . . but I must find the time.

Since last week, I also have some discomfort while sleeping.

So today at lunch I did the next best thing to going to the Dr. I bought
new running shoes. ;-)

Same brand - Nike Air Pegasus.

I have been wearing these for 20 years . . . I have tried other shoes over
the years, but always end up going back to these.

I ran on Saturday and noticed a little pain in my shins . . . that is
always my tell-tail sign that I need new shoes. So I will try my new shoes
tomorrow morning and see how my knee feels.

I also took Sunday and today off - no running - no biking, just a walk with
the dog.


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