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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Biking to New Glarus

We have organized a bike ride to New Glarus today with the New Glarus Brewery being the final destination.  There are 8 of us and I am hoping that the sun starts doing its primary purpose . . .  warm things up.  It is currently 30 and I have to say that is a little to chilly for biking!  But we are leaving at 10 and by then it is suppose to be 45 - which is still chilly - but doesn't compare to 30.  I will be updating my post later today with some photo's and story.

The last time I biked to New Glarus my husband and son were along and about 10 miles from Madison, my husband clipped my rear tire and flew off his bike - breaking his collar bone!  Hopefully nothing that exciting will be happening today.  Biking - drinking some good beer at the New Glarus Brewery and eating!

To be continued . . . .

We had a great bike ride.  44 miles round trip.  beer, subs and a little more beer!  

We made it to New Glarus and stopped at the local Subway before we road up to the brewery.  

Enjoying the food and beer at the New Glarus Brewery!
The gang!

Beautiful copper kettles . . . full of beer . . . just waitng and waiting!

Exiting the tunnel!  
This was the first 40+ mile ride this year and it felt great!  Hoping that this is a good sign - and many more bike rides will be coming!  

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  1. Oh my! A brewery as the destination... my kind of bike ride! And sandwiches on the way. Nice! Now, it looks like you guys are going to get (are getting??) some more COLD weather from the south... sorry! :(

    Thanks for dropping by the Turtles blog.. yes, I'm very much enjoying being back in the game. :) I guess my social interests sometimes outweigh my competitive spirit, though. Will try to focus at the end of next Saturday's 5K. LOL