Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Glo run was . . .

. . . OK. It was fun to run with friends, Scott and Kim - but I probably wouldn't do the Glo Run again. There were probably 400-500 people there, but it was a younger group. I was probably one of the older people attending and am probably past the "prime" audience! Maybe I am a running snob - I just don't get the point of events like this - again, I am not their audience!

Afterwards we met Todd at a local restaurant and had pizza and beer and watched the UW Badgers beat Illinois!

Fast forward 1 week! My weeks seem to continue to be split between work and sleep, repeated daily! This coming week is also going to be busy - of course there is work, every day work, early morning to evening! Also this week I have hair appointment and a Road Home board meeting on Monday evening, an eye exam first thing Tuesday morning and a church Endowment committee meeting in the evening and dinner at a friends house on Wednesday evening. Also on Wednesday I will be heading out of the office for a tour of one of our power plants where we are close to completing an installation of some new environmental control equipment. And then Halloween on Thursday. This is more things packed into a week than I like. Is it me, or do you also hate to leave the house once you get home in the evening? I sure do, even going to the grocery store - if I don't stop on the way home, there is usually no way I am heading back out.

Today started with a 10.2 mile run. It was beautiful weather, albeit a little windy, but beautiful for late October. About 8 miles into my run I stopped in the middle of the road as two Sandhill cranes strolled across the street. They were in no hurry - it took me a few seconds to decide to get my phone out and snap a few pictures. I swear they are almost 5 ft tall.

This afternoon we spent some time doing a few things outside, including mowing/leaf mulching and spraying the creeping charlie that is trying to take over our backyard and is trying to creep into my asperagus raised bed. Then we headed to a new dog park, well new to us. I think it has been officially open since spring, Capital Springs located just south of the city, near Lake Waubesa and the Capital City bike trail.


Brown dog, brown grass!
Blue sky, green field!
After the dog park we swung over to the boat launch at Lake Farm park. Such a beautiful setting - it has been years since we had been there.
Blue sky, blue water!
One fishing boat was coming in and one was heading out - it is Muskie season - but not much biting today.
Back home, making dinner, writing this post and watching the Packers!
Enjoy the moments!


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