Why am I Running from Cancer?

Why am I Running from Cancer?. . . check out this post for an explanation

Saturday, October 19, 2013

This week . . .

. . . has been devoted to work. Lots of late nights and little time for anything other than eat, sleep, work and repeat.

At my oncology appointment, my Dr asked me "how it was going?", my response: work is stressful and really busy. My semi annual check ups are pretty routine, but I never forget I am at an Oncology office. Not everyone is so lucky!!!! After my exam, we chat for almost an hour (I am his last appointment of the day and he is on call, so ample time to spend chatting) about running, biking and his decision to enter next years WI Ironman! I tease him, I am sure I am your favorite patient - he doesn't deny it! We have a lot in common, besides the obvious!

As of today, Saturday, I still haven't got my mid-week long run in. Oh wait, it's not even mid-week or late-week - it is the weekend! Well, I also didn't get my long run in for the weekend. I had great plans. Run 4 with Sophie and then drop her off and head back out for 5 more - but upon returning home my son and girlfriend were at the house and I decided to stick around and visit instead of heading back out. We raked leaves out of the flower beds while my husband ran over them with the mulching mower which created a great mulch layer for the lawn. My son thought that the chopped up leaves didn't look good in the yard - we assured him we didn't care and by next spring it would all be gone!

Tonight I am running in "The Glow Run" with a couple of friends. This isn't the kind of event I usually do - It isn't that I am a running snob(or at least I hope I am not) I just usually figure if I am going to run - I am going to run, not jump around for fun - but thought it would be fun to run with friends, Kim and Scott. I will be back with my assessment later. We had great temp's today (low 50's) for running, but a front just passed through with lots of wind and what feels like a 10 degree temperature drop! Brrrrrr

Ending with some random pictures from the week - every day I had hopes of posting something about the pictures but instead they just end up as color on a otherwise boring black and white post!

Early morning Pilates - outside lights are still on!

Rainy Thursday morning . . .
. . . did bring drier sky's throughout the day and a pretty evening sunset over Lake Mendota.
Leaves leaves and more leaves.
Enjoy the moments
PS: this post has been rewritten several times because
  1. it was started earlier in the week and was no longer current
  2. it was started later in the week and was no longer current
  3. I was trying to delete a photo and somehow deleted everything I had typed! I couldn't figure out how to undo my delete! I am using Blogsy for myiPad.
  4. this post still has formatting issues, but I am going with it!


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  1. I am anxious to hear what you thought of the Glo Run!

    I hope work is less stressful soon :)