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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Possum under the Shed

The last couple weeks our dog Sophie, a 1.5 year old golden retriever, has been sniffing a lot on our screen porch. She obviously smells something - well a couple of days ago we let her outside and there was a possum standing there - lucky for both of them - the possum headed quickly under the storage shed. So we borrowed a live trap from our neighbor and set it up Saturday evening - we put chicken and peanut butter in as bait. Sure enough, this morning there was the possum in the trap. So, first thing this morning, we headed out of town with the trap and possum and let it go out in some woods on the other side of the lake from us. I hope that is the end of the possum's. We are going to keep the trap to set up again next weekend - just to make sure there aren't more.

Sophie and I went out this morning for an easy 2 mile run. It was cool - but pleasant. It is so nice having a running partner. . . she has developed into a nice runner - or should I say trotter? Unless I am sprinting - and I don't do that often, she is simply trotting happily along my side. During the warmer months I would only take her 2 miles, but now that it is cooler out - she gets some longer runs. On Friday we ran 5 miles.

Pretty easy going day. My husband headed out of town for work - so once I dropped him off at the airport, Sophie, my son and I took her to the dog park. She loves getting to chase around the other dogs.

Tonight I am making bars to take to work tomorrow. Since it was my birthday on Saturday - treats are expected.

Enjoy the day

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